MaxDriving: Sleek new cars and ranking system in thrilling street racing game

11/16/2010 07:55 am in News

Players can now experience the excitement and high performance of four new vehicles in the street racing browser game MaxDriving. A limited edition vehicle, The Patriot, is the most powerful in its category and will only be available on the market until the end of November.


The four new high-powered vehicles in MaxDriving include a Golf TD Category, a Ka TD Category, an R8 GTR Category and a Mini TDR Category. These cars, along with the new Patriot vehicle can all be purchased from the in-game market. Be quick to snap up the Patriot vehicle, as it will only be available until the 30th November.

Drivers will also now be able to monitor their rankings on an all-new leader board in MaxDriving. You can now check your game position in the Top 5 of the week and Top 5 of the month rankings. Overtake your competitors and strive for the top of the leader board with this unique new feature.

MaxDriving is a free-to-play online racing game, where you compete against thousands of other drivers using the best in high-performance cars. Employ staff to run your garage, and expand and modify your impressive fleet in this heart-racing browser game.

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