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MaxDriving Description

Enter the dark and exciting underworld of car racing, with your own decked out fully customised street car. Race against players from all over the world in this thrilling browser game...


The free-to-play browser game MaxDriving is set in real life cities, including Paris, Berlin, Kyoto and New York. Race against other players from all over the world in action-packed street races. Choose from the sleek Lion TD 3.0 or the Eclypse TD 3.0 and get ready to race in the dark underground world of MaxDriving. You are even able to modify the colour of your car so that it matches your racing persona.

When racing it is important to set the correct gear speed - a higher gear speed will be necessary for long straights, and a lower gear speed should be used for curves and corners. This is pre-programmed in MaxDriving.

Manage your staff to ensure they maximise the efficiency of your sports cars, so that you speed past your opponents in the electrifying street races. Ensure you always manage your driver's temper, driving ability and skills, buying and selling drivers as the need arises for certain skills. You can also hire desirable racing assistants to help you in the garage.

With every race victory comes honour, wealth and a great reputation. Rise up through the ranks of the international leaderboard to become overall champion of MaxDriving. Use the wealth and royalties you earn from your races to continue to expand your fleet of customised sports cars, as well as improve and modify your cars with up-to-date accessories.

Socialise and network with other racers through the unique social system, and purchase valuable modifications from the item store to improve the performance of your car in MaxDriving. There are many unique features in this browser-based racing simulation game.

by Kyle Hayth

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