Master X Master
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Master X Master
What to expect:
  • Play for Free Online
  • Play with Characters from the NCSoft Universe
  • Free-to-Play MOBA
  • Use Strategy and Tactics to Win
  • Multiple Game Modes Available
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  • Action
  • MOBA
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Do Battle in the Arena with Master X Master

Characters from all over the NCSoft universe have gathered to duke it out in a MOBA inspired arena. Which will you take into battle to claim victory?


If you like playing MOBAs, but games like League of Legends or Dota 2 aren’t your kind of thing, then Master X Master is a game you should check out. NCSoft, the folks behind games like Guild Wars 2 and Blade & Soul, are in charge of Master X Master, so you know it’s going to be a quality game. NCSoft has included characters from all of its popular games and franchises in Master X Master and challenged them to do battle in the MOBA to see who stands above all others.

Vibrant Mix of NCSoft Worlds

Anyone that’s familiar with the NCSoft games will know the characters in Master X Master. Iconic heroes from games like Lineage and Wildstar make an appearance, and they all get to throw down the gauntlet and duke it out for honor and glory on the battlefield. When jumping into the arena, you’ll feel right at home if you’ve played a MOBA before. There are three lanes that run directly into the enemy base, and you and your allies have to battle your way in and destroy their end of the map. As you do battle you can level up your character to become an even more formidable fighting force in the arena.

Multiple Game Modes

Unlike other MOBAS there is a full PvE mode, alongside the main arena and 3v3 matches. The PvE mode is a great place to practice your skills on a hero before heading into the arena, making sure that you are confident in your ability to come out on top. If you’re into even more high-octane fast-paced action, then the free 3v3 mode may be more your thing. These matches put you and your allies against three human players in short, but intense battles. As you journey through the game, there’s a fantasy story that ties all of the characters and scenes together, as you learn about the background behind the warriors in Master X Master.

Download Game for PC

NCSoft has made it clear that Master X Master will be a PC game, which will receive constant updates of new content after launch. It will be interesting to see which characters they add from the NCSoft universe, and which ones become the player favorites.

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