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Master of Orion
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Master of Orion Description

The legend is back! Wargaming is reviving Master of Orion, one of the most iconic science fiction strategy games of all time!


Wargaming is going back to the roots! You might not be aware of this, but Wargaming didn’t start its success story by releasing war games such as World of Tanks or World of Warships. The studio started out by releasing five projects within the Massive Assault franchise, a turn-based strategy series set in a sci-fi future. After years of focusing on the historic past, Wargaming is going back to where it started, focusing on a fictional future in Master of Orion. What do you get when you combine Wargaming and one of the most iconic sci-fi strategy games of all time? A modern rebirth with new graphics, top notch gameplay, and a free-to-play business model!

Reach for the Stars

Most of you will remember Master of Orion as a popular gaming series from the 90s. With its 4X strategy, it managed to revolutionize an entire genre. The remake challenges you to become the leader of a sci-fi civilization and find your own path within the universe. Economic successes, research, and brute force allow you to achieve your goals. Explore new parts of space, colonize uninhabited planets, and improve the general status of your species. How exactly you will achieve any of your goals is up to you. Being a skilled diplomat is as likely to fulfill your goals as being an aggressive general. Naturally, you can select the race that best suits your preferred game style. Each one of these species has its unique advantages and disadvantages. Choose the one that speaks to you!

A Brand New Gaming Experience

A modern user interface, enhanced visuals, voiceovers by well-known actors, and more – Wargaming has certainly given Master of Orion a modern facelift! The graphics have been built from the ground up, the music has been newly scored, and the gameplay revised. The strategy game has risen from the ashes like a phoenix! If you are worried that the game will lose the flair of the original series, don’t worry! Some of the developers from the original Master of Orion are back on board!

Master of Orion Screenshots

Master of Orion Screenshot-0Master of Orion Screenshot-1Master of Orion Screenshot-2Master of Orion Screenshot-3Master of Orion Screenshot-4Master of Orion Screenshot-5Master of Orion Screenshot-6Master of Orion Screenshot-7

Master of Orion News

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    06/10/2015 09:30 am - More than two years ago, Atari filed for bankruptcy selling many of its iconic brands. Some of these were acquired by major publishers in the video gaming industry including Wargaming who purchased the rights for Master of Orion and Total Annihilatio...more

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