Marvel Mighty Heroes: DeNA Announces Brawler App

02/24/2015 08:12 am by Anna Radak in NewsActionRPG

Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty Heroes

Just when you thought the industry was saturated with Marvel games, along comes DeNA (King of Castles) and announces another one: Marvel Mighty Heroes, everyone! The free-to-play app is supposed to hit iOS and Android mobile devices soon(ish) and give players a way to group up with friends in action-packed missions. Once the game launches, both newbies and avid Marvel fans will be able to slip into the role of their favorite character and engage in co-op brawler combat.

The champion selection will exceed the classic line of Avengers we've come to know and love. Aside from Thor, Captain America and the Black Widow, players also get to experience the online world through the eyes of Gamora, Daredevil or the She-Hulk.

Watch the announcement trailer here:

Up to four heroes will be able to form a team in Marvel Mighty Heroes and face challenging missions. Together, they are tasked with warding off intruders and ultimately saving the world. You know, just everyday superhero things! Those curious to channel their inner dark child can also opt to play a villain.

On the official website, players now have the chance to vote which hero should be available for free when the mobile game launches. Would you rather play as Hulk or Rocket Raccoon?

Click the green button (no, not Hulk) below and cast your vote!

Choose wisely.

Marvel Mighty Heroes is free-to-play and will soon be available for both iOS and Android.

Source: Official game homepage

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