Marvel Mighty Heroes
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Marvel Mighty Heroes
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Marvel Mighty Heroes Description

Turn into Hulk or channel Black Widow in this mobile game set in the Marvel universe. Group up with other players in co-op missions and work together to fight off the forces of evil, taking down one villain at a time. The world is yours to protect...


With the popularity of the Marvel Avengers, there’s now a slew of video games based on the ragtag group up superheroes. What has been missing, however, is a mobile app for players to really dig into with their friends and go wild in co-op gameplay. Lo and behold, Marvel Mighty Heroes gives you just that! The likes of Captain America, the Black Widow and Spider-Man have returned once again to fight all evil and it's up to you to guide them to fame and glory. Download the app to your iOS or Android mobile device and save the world from sinister villains and their minions, all with the help of three other friends and their special powers.

Marvel Mighty Heroes is a mobile game, meaning you get to take the action-laden world with you wherever you go. Assuming you have internet access, of course, as the app is based on multiplayer battles between four players - one of them being you! Invite friends and family to join you on your Marvel journey or team up with complete strangers thanks to the matchmaking system. Whoever you end up with, make sure to fight off the forces of evil as efficiently as possible and collect experience along the way. The more you villains you take down, the further you will get up the ranking. New level-ups will reward you with more powerful abilities depending on who you play as.

Classic Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Thor and She-Hulk are available to you as playable characters in the mobile brawler. Which one you pick is entirely up to you, just be aware that each and every superhero has their own strengths to bring to the battlefield. The co-op nature of Marvel Mighty Heroes allows you to synergize with fellow gamers and work together in taking down vicious enemies in the free-to-play app. Fighting happens in real-time, meaning that all four members of the group need to be present during combat allowing for fast-paced and action-packed online battles.

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Marvel Mighty Heroes News

  • Marvel Mighty Heroes: DeNA Announces Brawler App

    02/24/2015 08:12 am - Just when you thought the industry was saturated with Marvel games, along comes DeNA (King of Castles) and announces another one: Marvel Mighty Heroes, everyone! The free-to-play app is supposed to hit iOS and Android mobile devices soon(ish)...more

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