Martial Empires: New Content for Players – Where Does the Path Lead?

11/17/2011 05:14 am in News

The Path to Purgatory is now laid out in front of players of the free-to-play MMORPG, Martial Empires. Publishers gamigo have rolled out this update and made sure to include plenty of new things for players to experience.
Martial Empires

Martial Empires

The latest update for Martial Empires, known as the Path to Purgatory, will now challenge players to confront hordes of monsters in a 32-level tower. The fight will lead them all the way to the mighty end monsters which not only rewards with fame, but spectacular rewards as well.

Of course, this survival tower is just one of the highlights in the new patch of Martial Empires, according to gamigo (Black Prophecy, UFO Online). There are new mounts and allies as well such as horses, battle tigers and skeleton dogs.

Also, as we previously mentioned, players can now utilize the Guild Research function to better their guild as a whole or earn some extra cash with the Player Shop feature. This is accompanied by a new quest which will span from level 1 to 55, offering up new adventures along the way!

Source: Press release
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