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Martial Empires
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Martial Empires Description

Take on a difficult task and strive to save the almost destroyed world of Neha. Can you rise to the challenge and protect this world from the grips of evil?


Martial Empires is an MMORPG that gives players the chance to become a true hero. The mysterious world of Neha is under threat and your mission is to become a fearless, bold and strong warrior and fight against these enemies in the name of peace and life. Equip yourself with various intimidating weapons, embark on challenging and exciting quests and take control of your skills to fulfill your destiny as a hero.

In the free-to-play MMORPG Martial Empires there are three character classes that you can choose to play with – the fast-paced Ranger, the mystical Mage and the fierce Warrior. The Ranger uses speed and wit to outsmart his enemy, the Mage uses powerful magic tricks and spells to enchant and destroy his enemy, and the Warrior relies on brute strength and melee combat to bring his opponents to their knees. Every class in the fantasy game Martial Empires has several weapons and armor they use in order to take on whatever gets in their way.

Players are able to combine all of their skills or use them individually in the race against evil. Once you have reached level 25 in the client-based fantasy game Martial Empires you can start accruing skill points which will allow you to level up and upgrade various levels of specialization, allowing you to create the perfect hero. These valuable skill points are only rewarded through experience and victory. By completing quests and missions, destroying monsters and enemy players, and discovering the vast game world your hero starts to become a force to reckon with in the online game Martial Empires.

by Kyle Hayth

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