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Mars Tomorrow
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Mars Tomorrow Description

Be one of the first humans to set foot on the red planet! In Mars Tomorrow, it is up to you to colonize our red neighbor.


Humans have dreamt of exploring Mars for decades. Since the 1950s, there have been more or less concrete plans to colonize our red neighbor. Currently, the designated date for human spaceflight to Mars is approximately in the year 2035. If you want to explore the red planet before then, you should take a closer look at Mars Tomorrow. In this browser based game, you slip into the role of a colonist on Mars, whose goal it is to resettle humanity on Earth’s neighbor. On our home planet, resources have become scarce and various wars have shaken the world. Project Mars Tomorrow seems to be the only chance for humanity to survive.

Terraforming the Red Planet

It is a long road before Mars can actually become a habitable world. You are one of the first colonizers on Earth’s neighbor and are faced with a desolate desert that seems dead and hopeless. Your first few steps will be to find valuable resources such as oxygen, water, and carbohydrates and develop them into vital products. Luckily, there are various Mars rovers that will transport the resources into your colony. Sooner than later, your settlement will grow and flourish. More and more people will arrive on the red planet to settle down in your colony. This allows for bigger production chains and economic cycles.

As you can see, Mars Tomorrow is a tycoon simulation that challenges you to establish a human colony and guarantee your population’s satisfaction and well-being. Before you know it, you will have created an earth-like atmosphere on Mars with the help of greenhouse gases. Sooner than later, there will even be clouds, rain, rivers, and lakes that will turn Mars into a habitable world.

Naturally, this will pose even further problems to your colony. Your vehicles were made for a desert environment. You have to constantly produce more resources to rebuild your rovers and make them suitable for the new environment.

Mars Tomorrow is a free-to-play simulation that is playable in the browser of your choice.

Mars Tomorrow Screenshots

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