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March of War
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March of War Description

Build your forces and fight for your homeland in an alternate universe set during World War 2. Organize and strategize your troops in order to win heated battles against players from all over the world.


The free-to-play and turn-based online game March of War is set in an alternate World War 2 universe. Six different factions are fighting for world dominance in this 1940s dieselpunk universe. The development studio ISOTX refers to the game as an episodic 3D war game, but what does that mean exactly? The developer wanted to create a game that was not only very story-driven, but also featured new content as often as possible. To ensure just that, they came up with an episodic concept that would add new free-to-play plotlines and content each month. You will not have to spend a single dime on these game updates that continually advance the plot.

The community has a direct influence on what kind of content will be included in these episodic updates. You can go to the Vote4War page on the official game website to make an impact, all by casting a vote within several different categories. Choose which tank you would like to see in the next episode or decide which character you think should be added to the game in the near future. A countdown on the Vote4War page indicates how much time you have left to cast your vote. Naturally, you will have to be logged in to be able to vote.

March of War is a free-to-play online strategy game which means that you can play the game completely for free. For successfully completing missions, you will be rewarded with in-game resources such as gold and research points, which you can trade for other important items.

The pilot episode called "World Aflame" can be considered as the core game. From here on, the community has direct influence on the general direction of March of War and decides what content should be added to the game. Register for the free-to-play episodic strategy game set in an exciting universe to become the most successful war general of all times.

March of War Screenshots

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