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MapleStory 2
What to expect:
  • Play the successor to MapleStory and find out how the saga continues
  • Explore a colorful and lush anime world
  • Relive your most cherished memories from the first MapleStory
  • Many of the iconic features of the original MMORPG
  • Play with your friends
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  • PvE
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Play MapleStory 2 to Find Out How the Saga Continues!

Prepare yourself for the MapleStory saga to continue! MapleStory 2 lets you relive the old days and explore a new anime world with your friends.


When you think of the games that have shaped the 2D MMORPG gaming scene, MapleStory is definitely one of the trailblazers responsible for the genre’s huge success. Back in the day the free-to-play online game not only took South Korean players by storm, but also managed to cast a spell on Western countires, including North America. It’s no surprise then that Nexon is now continuing the franchise by working on MapleStory 2. While the publisher has yet to release further information about the upcoming title, we’re confident that it won’t be long until players from all over the world can get their hands on the online game that will most likely be free-to-play.

According to the official game homepage, MapleStory 2 will stay true to its predecessor and feature similar characters, artstyles and gameplay. What’s so different about the sequel, then? It will no longer feature the game’s iconic 2D look, but instead have an isometric viewpoint and 3D graphics. The story will be set in a time before the first MapleStory installment - which technically turns MapleStory 2 into a prequel. The anime title is said to be a standalone game that will evoke nostalgia in the anime's loyal fanbase while introducing new elements to a genre that has become somewhat stale over the past couple of years. Don’t worry about MapleStory losing its colorful look, as there will most likely also be a plethora of cutesy characters, friendly NPCs and beady-eyed animals.

Once MapleStory 2 becomes available to all players, you will be able to create your very own character, choose your destiny and make your way through a mysterious online world. From lush forests to steampunk villages - there will be plenty of zones for you to explore, either alone or with the company of your friends. On your journey you will have to face difficult challenges and fight monsters to see another day. If you’re lucky and manage to stay out of harm’s way, you will be rewarded with magical items that you can either sell or use to protect your hero. This casual MMORPG will most likely go into any sort of testing phase in 2015 - and who knows? It might even be released that same year.

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