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Managore Description

The dark expanse awaits those who wish to do battle with others. Build your army, use decisive strategy and hone the skills of your hero to become the champion of all realms...


Forge your kingdom by gathering resources and building structures to support your ever growing army. Managore offers players nineteen different buildings that can be constructed. There are also eighteen unique, upgradeable units that are at your disposal.

The world of Managore is a dangerous place and it is wise to join guilds so that you will have aid if need be. You can join or create a guild with your friends or make friends in-game and create alliances that way.

Only by being in a guild can you achieve the Team Goal and reveal the dark mountain. However, you have to have skilled players and the guild as a whole must advance quite far through the game. Nevertheless, once you reveal the dark mountain, you will have to face the malevolent dragon, Managore.

A particularly interesting feature of Managore is the Hero versus Hero battle system. But to be recognized by friends and foes alike for your great achievements, you have to advance your hero's skills to the max.

Going head-to-head with other players and testing your strategic skills against one another will also earn you fame. Be one step ahead of your adversary to prove yourself and become the champion of the Managore battlegrounds. Gather artifacts and then use the artifacts system to assist you and have ever more powerful weapons and armor.

by Kyle Hayth

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