Maleficent Free Fall
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Maleficent Free Fall
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Maleficent Free Fall Description

Play as the dark and mysterious Maleficent and embark on a journey through the fantasy universe known best from the Disney movie. Unlock new puzzles by combining crystals and get past obstacles by firing up the occasional power-up! Unleash the magic...


There’s just something oddly satisfying about seeing colorful crystals on the screen of your mobile device and being able to smash them to bits. This is pretty much what every Match-3 puzzle game these days is all about, namely combining three or more objects of the same type in order to rake in as many points as possible and beat the highscore. Maleficent Free Fall allows you to do just that from the comfort of your Windows, Android and iOS smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app for free and start smashing by sliding your fingers across the touchscreen.

It doesn’t really matter whether you have been to the movies and witnessed Angelina Jolie embody the spooky fairy or not. In this mobile game, all that counts is being clever about your decisions and keeping an eye out for big combos. The more crystals you connect in just one turn, the higher the overall rating! Maleficent Free Fall offers hundreds of levels for you to play through, each more difficult than the last. Thankfully, you have access to special power-ups that can be used to get rid of obstacles and help you finish a challenge in time. Feel like you need a break from just the regular gameplay? Then try your luck in one of the other game modes that will have you beat the clock or turn Prince Phillip and Aurora into love birds with the power of magic.

Playing through all the maps that Maleficent Free Fall has to offer will not only put your puzzle-solving skills to the test, but also introduce you to new story elements that might have slipped through the cracks in the Disney movie that came out in 2014. If this free-to-play mobile game is a little bit too dark for your personal taste, you can try out Frozen Free Fall - another Match-3 title that features Elsa, Anna, Olaf and other endearing characters straight from the Frozen universe.

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