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Makeup Me
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Makeup Me Description

Enter the salon of this simulation app and let your imagination run free! Come up with the most dazzling makeup and turn the girl of your choice into a stunning beauty queen. Other players will envy you for your fashion sense and keen eye for detail.


Makeup has helped many a human being change their appearance, enhance their beauty or even transform themselves into someone entirely different. Thankfully, various apps these days make it possible for gamers to unleash their inner pageant queen without having to invest real-life money into expensive sets. Play around with the makeup of your choice in this free-to-play app! Want to try a new shade of lipstick? Simply open up Makeup Me and see what the casual app has to offer. After choosing the character’s skin color, there is no stopping you from letting your creative juices flow. Create a magical forest fairy, a goth princess or the ultimate rock star, ready to woo the crowd.

While beauty is and will always be in the eye of the beholder, Libii Tech encourages players to come up with their most dazzling makeup. How? By hosting regular beauty contests, of course! Whoever presents the most impressive design at the end of the tournament walks away with a special prize that’s bound to add new products to their collection. Makeup Me is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. Simply choose a girl and start painting her face with the colors you think match her best. Remember: There are no wrong choices in this make up game. If you wish to reverse the process and start fresh, simply select the cleansing oil and begin the styling process from scratch.

From luscious lashes to the right shade of foundation: Makeup Me offers players various glamorous choices when it comes to playing dress up, similar to Lady Popular. Spice things up a little bit by adding a snazzy tattoo (temporary, of course) to the design or strategically placing rhinestones to accentuate your best feature - whether that's your cheekbones, eyes or lips. Feel free to take a picture of your finished beauty makeup and share it with friends online!

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