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Make-Up Girls
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Make-Up Girls Description

Become a makeup artist and give beautiful models a makeover. Take inspiration from their styles and try out millions of different looks. Each model will require your full care and attention to make her look as fabulous as possible!


Make-Up Girls is a mobile app that will help you find inspiration for your next makeover. Similar to other makeup apps, like Makeup Me and Monster Makeup, this free-to-play game lets you experiment with new hairstyles, funky jewelry, awesome accessories, as well as bright and exciting makeup! Forget going to the mall and buying expensive lipsticks and eye shadows, this free app lets you try out all the possible combinations before you go and waste your hard-earned pocket money!

There are over 400 million different combinations of makeup that are achievable in this game for girls and boys alike. Experiment with different lipsticks and lip glosses to enhance the shape and definition of the model's lips. There are endless colors to choose from, including bright red and soft pink, or even darker shades like purple and black. Compliment the lips with a good quality eye shadow and blusher, or go au naturale and stick to the simple skin tones for a fresher, more realistic look.

Why not try out the face paints and give your models a makeover you'll will never forget, with leopard spots and rainbow blusher, perfect for a party? Applying the makeup is simple, all you have to do is click on an area of the model's face, and a menu will appear that allows you to control the colors, the type of makeup, and the amount. If you feel the look isn't quite right, then you can start over, or just change the sections you are unhappy with.

No look is complete without a fresh barnet! Give the characters a unique haircut that is sure to impress your friends and give you inspiration for when you next go visit the hairdresser. Then once the model's hair and makeup is done, it’s time to accessorize! Enhance your model’s style by dressing them in elegant jewelry and funky accessories.

This game is free to download and play and is available for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Make-Up Girls Screenshots

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