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Majesty Description

Don your suit of armor, draw your sword and be prepared to enter a world where three great empires battle against each other in the ultimate bid for reign over the land...


In the free-to-play browser game Majesty, you begin your adventure by choosing which of the mighty empires you will join forces with – choose between the Alexander Empire, the Rome Empire, and the Charlemagne Empire. Create a name, select a gender and a country for your warrior character and enter the ancient world.

The game map in war strategy game Majesty is divided into three main areas, with the addition of a neutral area and several super areas. In the Rome Empire you can explore the cities of Damascus, Rome and Constantinople. In the Alexander Empire you will find the cities of Babylon, Athens and Sparta. In the Charlemagne Empire you can discover the cities of London, Cologne and Paris.

Recruit and train heroes and soldiers and get ready to enter the heavy battles. Form or join a church with other players and increase your strength by numbers. As a church you are able to partake in unique church wars and combats in the browser game Majesty. Collect resources and make deals with other players, trading, buying and selling valuable equipment to assist you in battle. You are also able to purchase common items, precious gems and hero scrolls through the in-game item shop to assist you in battle. Reign in the elements of wind, rain, thunder and lightning to overthrow your opponents in the browser-based war game Majesty.

You have the opportunity to connect with other players and distinguish your friends from your enemies, using the mail and chat systems available in the game Majesty. Be prepared to enter a mighty war in an ancient world.

by Kyle Hayth

Majesty Screenshots

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