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Mahjong Description

Find out why Mahjong has inspired generations of players and what makes it so popular in this free-to-play Facebook game. Do you have what it takes to beat your friends and work your way up to the top of the leader boards?


Originating from China, this casual game has a rich and complex history. Some say that it dates back to 500 BC, while others suggest that 1875 AD is more realistic. Whatever the real story is, one thing is for sure: it has captured the concentration of generations and is without question one of the most popular games in Asia. The concept of this game is simple, and it's therefore very easy to learn. Despite that, it requires a lot of skill, with championships all over the world that bring out the mahjong professionals. Similar titles, such as Mahjong Trials, stray from the original game play, but this Facebook title sticks to the classic rules keeping it simple and easy to understand. Don't let its simplicity fool you though, as this game can prove to be very challenging at times.

To play Mahjong, you must simply match the tiles from the left or right outermost edge. Once you have a pair, they can be removed from the board and then you must match another pair. There are some exceptions to these rules, where tiles can be paired if they are of the same type, even if they do not directly match. For instance, you could match a flower tile with another flower tile, even if they are not of the same flower.

Each tile in this particular mahjong game is worth a certain number of points, so you must decide which tiles to match first, in order to maximize the board's point potential. This game also has many additional features, like time trials and variations in the board layout that will surely improve your skills as a newly founded fan of mahjong. Go against your friends online or play against people from across the globe. Or, if you're really up for a challenge, why not try and work your way up the leaderboard, taking on professional mahjong players as you fight for the top spot. Before you do anything though, be warned - this game is very addictive!

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