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Mahjong Trails
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Mahjong Trails Description

If you thought the original Mahjong was fun as it is, you are in for a treat! This title is a fresh take on the ancient brain game combining new challenges with a traditional concept.


This social game combines the fun gameplay of mahjong and mixes it up with modern challenges. Wait, you don’t know what mahjong is? Let us explain before we introduce Mahjong Trails to you. This ancient brain game has been around for centuries in China and other East Asian countries. While it has been associated with old people for the longest time, the increased popularity of fun games has reintroduced mahjong to a young audience worldwide. Nowadays, people everywhere are seen playing a round of this addictive game, be it on their computers or their mobile devices.

Mahjong Trails is available on Facebook making it easier than ever to connect with your friends and battle it out against them. The free-to-play game combines the classic concept of mahjong while adding a unique twist. The rules of the original brain game are easily explained. Your main goal is to find pairs of the same tiles. There are various different kinds of tiles with different motifs (be it images of the seasons, flowers, numbers, or Chinese symbols). It sounds easy, but it gets quite challenging with the second basic rule. You can not choose tiles which are hidden underneath other tiles or which have another tile on their right and left side. This requires you to make wise decisions, as one wrong choice can end your game.

In Mahjong Trails, you will go on a fun journey with Lori, a talking, Brazilian parrot. He will guide you through a wide range of levels which get increasingly more difficult. The basic concept of mahjong is combined with additional challenges such as making a certain number of points in a certain amount of time. Completing a level rewards you with a score and a star rating. You will immediately find out how well your friends have fared as well. Challenge them if your score is higher! You can even invite other friends from your friends list to start playing Mahjong Trails with you.

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