Mahjong Solitaire Epic
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Mahjong Solitaire Epic
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Mahjong Solitaire Epic Description

Enjoy a round of mahjong from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or home computer with this free game! Find matching tiles and beat the clock in hundreds of unique challenges, each more difficult than the next. Keep your eyes peeled, puzzle fans...


Think again if you believe that mahjong is some ancient game that only old people would enjoy! The Chinese puzzle game continues to storm all app charts even to this day and players from all around the globe are offered various ways to participate in this tradition by loading up their iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Just take Mahjong Solitaire Epic, for instance: Here, you get to join thousands of other mahjong enthusiasts in a social setting and work your brain cells as you play through different boards and find as many matching tiles as possible. Mahjong is similar to pairs in a way, except that there are, in fact, wrong moves that will keep you from finishing your current game.

The best way to successfully complete a game of Mahjong Solitaire Epic is to stay on top of your strategy and thoroughly think about your next move. Hundreds of unique boards are waiting to be conquered by you and your friends. Afraid it won't take long for you to play through every Mahjong Solitaire Epic level? Don’t fret, as new shuffles and daily boards will keep things fresh in the brain game and always give you a brand-new challenge to look forward to whenever you fire up the app.

There’s no need to play every day or for hours on end with this type of game, as you can simply jump into the relaxing universe of mahjong for one or two simple rounds while on the go. Your main goal is not only to finish the board, but also to reach the maximum amount of stars while doing so. If you’re extra zealous, you can also try to reach a new highscore and beat other players to their best rating!

Prove to others that you are quite the mahjong master by unlocking new achievements in this mobile puzzle app brought to you by Kristanix Games. Mahjong Solitaire Epic is also available on desktop computers if you were planning to tackle new challenges at home or at work. Connect the free online game to your Facebook account and share your prowess with friends online...

Mahjong Solitaire Epic Screenshots

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