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Mahjong Duels
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Mahjong Duels Description

Things are heating up in the online gaming world! If you thought that the classic mahjong was a challenge, wait till you play this adaptation. Compete against a friend or a random stranger…


How do basic game concepts get even better? By adding a multiplayer option. You don’t believe us? Well, it’s no surprise that we here at would believe so, considering that our true love are MMOs - massively multiplayer online games. Any roleplaying game, strategy game, and shooter is better if you can battle it out against other players worldwide. The same applies to a fun game such as Mahjong Duels! You might think that brain games are optimal when played alone, but wait till you delve into the world of Mahjong Duels.

The mobile and Facebook game allows you to take on another player. Since the app is available on Facebook, it is super easy to connect with a friend and duel him or her. If no one in your friends-list is available, don’t fret. You can also easily play against a random person from anywhere else in the world.

The basic gameplay in Mahjong Duels is very similar to the original board game. You have to combine tiles of the same design to create pairs. You cannot choose a tile that has another tile on both of its sides or that is hidden underneath another tile. One of the major differences in the fun game is that you have up to three slots to temporarily place tiles. This gives you a tactical advantage over the original gameplay. Do you need to direly reach a tile that is blocked by another? Simply place it on your extra spot and make your move!

Mahjong Duels is a free-to-play multiplayer game. Your goal is to clear your gameboard before your opponent. Naturally, the player with the higher score wins. It wouldn’t really be a battle if you couldn’t influence your opponent’s gameplay a little. If you’re on a winning streak and make a number of points, you will cover some of your opponent’s tiles making it harder for them to play for a certain time.

Mahjong Duels Screenshots

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