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MagicDuel Description

This browser game takes you into a magical world full of adventure and combat. The fantasy game contains several worlds to explore, creatures to raise and epic fights to win...


MagicDuel is a browser-based game that has an interactive story system, where you decide the outcome of the game. You start the role-playing game by choosing your own character to play with. With every in-game experience you character has the opportunity to grow and to develop.

Your goal is to explore the various MagicDuel realms taking on creatures and other players, collecting items and weaponry and summoning the power of magic to cast impressive spells on your enemies. Each spell that you cast in the free-to-play browser game MagicDuel has its own special purpose. Some of the innermagic spells you can harness include the Wind Ward, Black Water, Circle of Flames, Invisibility and Seduction.

Another key feature of the fantasy game that needs to be mastered is the principles of magic. Players will need to select one principle for ever mindpower level that is achieved, influencing your character's skills and behavior. The principles of magic include the principle of cyclicity, balance, elements, entropy, syntropy, imagination, darkness, light, time and transposition. There are also additional mysterious principles of magic that await discovery by the players. Once you understand the true meaning of magic, those principles will become available to you.

You are able to network with other players in the MagicDuel community and form strong alliances to help further you in the game. Participate in real-time PvP and PvE combat, multiplayer spell casting and experience all the mystery that lurks in the browser based game MagicDuel.

by Kyle Hayth

MagicDuel Screenshots

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