Magic: The Gathering - Tactics
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Magic: The Gathering - Tactics
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Magic: The Gathering - Tactics Description

Relive your favorite trading card game in this free-to-play online version. You can take on thousands of opponents from all over the world the minute you register to play...


Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is a strategic client-based online game set in an intricate 3D fantasy world. The fully realized world is discovered by players through tactics style game play. The online game Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is adapted from the renowned card trading game Magic, containing all five colors of the card game.

You start the game by adopting the powerful role of a Planeswalker, where you test your spell casting powers and magic skills in intense battles. Practice enchanting spells such as Pacifism, Doom Blade, Lightning Bolt and Fireball and take command of powerful creatures such as Serra Angel, Colossus of Sardia, Reya Dawnbringer or Lord of the Pit in the fantasy-rich online game Magic: The Gathering – Tactics.

Battles are held on a large grid, whereby players can perform clever attacks on their opponents. There are two major types of combat in the client game Magic: The Gathering – Tactics. These include the intense but rewarding single-player scenarios, or the action-packed casual battles and tournaments. The client-based game Magic: The Gathering – Tactics contains a story-driven game campaign, which unfolds as you proceed through the game. You also have the chance to enhance your performance and spell packs in combat by purchasing special booster packs or by experiencing additional chapters in the story-driven game campaign.

Unleash the power of magic and show your skills as a Planeswalker as you battle your way through the world of Magic: The Gathering – Tactics.

by Kyle Hayth

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