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Magic Campus
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Magic Campus Description

Experience a fantasy world full of danger and excitement as you complete quests in a colorful environment. You will never feel alone as your companion will always be at your side...


Magic Campus is a free-to-play browser game that is based on Flash technology. Featuring the classic turn-based combat system that is common in many Japanese-style role-playing games, you will get to take on hundreds of monsters while you complete quests and go on adventures.

Become a part of the magical world of Magic Campus by mastering your very own skills. Weave magical spells that will take down the most powerful of enemies. You can learn new ones as well and only by mastering them will you become a legend.

Magic Campus also features an extensive pet and companion system. You will never have to travel alone or take on terrifying creatures without a loyal companion at your side. Not only will they fight and adventure with you, they too can learn new skills and become more powerful.

Crafting is also an integral part of the world in Magic Campus. You will be able to create new items or modify existing ones to forge incredibly powerful and magical items. It brings a new dimension of to the game when you can make your own items and lets you show off your skills to other players.

Magic Campus also features thousands of quests for you to complete which will take you all over the world. If you want to complete every single one of them, have no worries about running into a wall early in the game because you won’t hit a cap until level 120.

If you are ready to experience world full of magic and mystery, then begin your adventure with a companion at your side in Magic Campus. You can create and change powerful magical items with the extensive crafting system. Team up with other players and take down powerful bosses to prove that you have mastered your skills to become a legend!

by Kyle Hayth

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