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Magerealm Description

Explore a world filled with magical creatures! In Magerealm, you can take on giant behemoths with the help of your loyal heroes…


The developers of this fantastical browser game take you on a mythical journey in a world filled with fantasy and magic. In Magerealm, no quest is too difficult, no enemy too gigantic, and no adventure too dangerous. You slip into the role of an elite mage who was sent on an enormous quest to search the seven legendary relics which will save the world. The Council of Magic has selected you to go on this journey and bring down the evil Lord of Demons. Naturally, there is more to discover in this fantasy world than these seven relics. As you travel through the lands, you will encounter bizarre creatures, hidden lore, and loyal allies and uncover shocking mysteries.

In order to succeed as the chosen one, you get to choose between different classes. Will you pick the Realmguard, the Spellmaster, or the Truthkeeper to establish your legacy as the legendary mage? Each class has distinct abilities. Do you want to be able to channel your magic into your weapons or would you prefer to slip into the role of a half demon who can change their appearance? You can also choose to possess the knowledge of many generations! It all depends on your choice. Select the class that best suits your preferred play style.

Never underestimate your class selection, as you will face monstrous enemies on your journey. Some of the bosses are true behemoths which take a lot of skill to bring down. Make sure to equip yourself with the most optimal armor and items and nothing should go wrong.

Get Magical Support

In order to succeed against massive end bosses, the fantasy RPG features powerful artefacts in the shape of divine wings. You will find various versions of these wings during your adventures. Each one of them rewards you with powerful attacks and allows you to upgrade some of your valuable armor. Additionally, Magerealm features various heroes as support for your character. Choose your heroic companion wisely, as you will need to rely on them in battle.

Magerealm Screenshots

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Magerealm News

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    01/12/2016 06:48 am - The free-to-play MMORPG Magerealm is getting a new aquatic hero called Finley Tidehunter. This hero is the latest addition to the online action game, and is a little different to anything we have seen so far....more

  • Magerealm: New Angel in Latest Update

    01/06/2016 06:01 am - The free-to-play browser game Magerealm is kicking off the New Year with a huge update including a new Angel, cross-server ladders, and loads more. Fans of the fantasy game have a lot to look forward to....more

  • Magerealm: The Angel of December Arrives

    12/16/2015 05:40 am - The guys and girls over at GTArcade know how to keep themselves busy. Every few weeks, the Magerealm community can look forward to new content in their free-to-play RPG. Last month, the Frost Lord arrived and brought some much-needed winter vibes to...more

Magerealm Giveaways

  • Magerealm: Closed Beta Key Giveaway

    06/04/2015 05:45 am - The guys and girls over at GTArcade have a brand new RPG in store for their loyal community. The browser based game called Magerealm is going into its closed beta phase today. If you are familiar with the online gaming industry, you will know that y...more

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