• Twin Saga: Open Beta Is Live
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms: Get the First Rew
  • Crossout Preview: Mad Max Action in Virt
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Coming this
  • League of Angels 2: Officially Launching
Twin Saga: Open Beta Is Live

The Open Beta is Here!

News from the Online Gaming World
  • Warframe: Mummy-themed Warframe and More in Sands of Inaros

    03/07/2016 06:26 am - The first major content update of the year has arrived in Warframe. The guys and girls over at Digital Extremes have created buzz all throughout the last week, hinting at new features and content on their official game homepage. Last Friday, the Sand...more

  • Gigantic: Big Update for the Closed Beta

    03/04/2016 08:42 am - There’s no denying that things have been pretty turbulent over at Motiga. Because of financial reasons, the studio has had to lay off a big part of their entire development and publishing team. Naturally, this has led to a fear among the community th...more

  • Paragon: Early Access Starts in March

    03/04/2016 07:29 am - The free-to-play MOBA Paragon is finally entering its early access phase of development. The online action game will open its early access doors on the 18th of March, and all of the heroes will be free....more

  • Clash of Clans: Changes for Clan Wars Coming Up

    03/04/2016 07:15 am - Anyone who loves playing clan wars in Clash of Clans should listen up. The studio behind the strategy game has announced that the upcoming game update will bring some significant changes to clan wars. Big wars with either 35 or 45 players battling it...more

  • Dragomon Hunter: Introducing the Cavalier and More

    03/04/2016 06:38 am - Last week, the guys and girls over at Aeria Games announced that the biggest game update for the monster game Dragomon Hunter was scheduled to come out in March. While they didn’t give too much information, they did maintain that their community had...more

  • Pokémon GO: Presentation at GDC Cancelled and Closed Beta Registrations

    03/04/2016 05:18 am - There have been some contradicting news concerning the upcoming mobile game Pokémon GO – contradicting in the sense that one announcement is disappointing while the other one is exciting. In early February, The Pokémon Company revealed that they woul...more

  • War Thunder: New Vehicles, Maps, and More in Patch 1.57

    03/03/2016 07:50 am - The next update for the action MMO War Thunder is almost ready for release. The developers over at Gaijin are currently finishing some last fewthings for patch 1.57 and are making sure to create some buzz before its release. Among many other things,...more

  • Blade & Soul: Second Content Update Coming Next Week

    03/03/2016 07:10 am - You thought things were going to slow down after Blade & Soul’s official US and EU launch in January? Well, think again, as the developers are busier than ever! Not even a month after its release the guys and girls over at NCSoft released the first m...more

  • Forza Motorsport 6 – Apex: Racing Game Series Coming Out on PC

    03/03/2016 06:03 am - Microsoft has some truly exciting news in store for racing game enthusiasts who don’t own a console. The iconic car game franchise Forza Motorsport is coming out on PC this spring. Even more exciting is the fact that it will be free-to-play. While Fo...more

  • Heroes of the Storm:  End of Lunar Festival and New Hero

    03/02/2016 07:17 am - A brand new patch has been added to the free-to-play MOBA Heroes of the Storm. Its main purpose was to end the Lunar Festival that started in the beginning of February, bringing fun quests, skins, and other items to the online game. It wouldn’t be He...more

  • Warface: Black Mamba Map Coming to the FPS

    03/02/2016 06:55 am - The free-to-play FPS game Warface is about to get a brand new map for players to wage war on. This time the update includes the Black Mamba map, a new versus arena in Warface....more

  • The Settlers Online: First Information about Easter Event 2016

    03/02/2016 06:41 am - The days are getting longer, the sun feels a little warmer, and the first flowers are in bloom – this can only mean one thing: It is time for various free-to-play online games and mobile games to start teasing their upcoming Easter event. After all,...more

  • Clash Royale: Royally Launching Today

    03/02/2016 06:01 am - When Supercell first announced their upcoming tower defense game set in the Clash of Clans universe, it quickly became one of the most desperately awaited mobile games of the year. Soon after the initial announcement, the developers started adding ne...more

  • Star Trek Timelines: Upgrade the Enterprise and other Ships

    03/01/2016 07:15 am - A big game update has gone live in Star Trek Timelines, the mobile game for all Trekkies and strategy RPG lovers. The intergalactic conflicts are getting more and more heated in the science fiction universe, which is why the Starfleet has commanded t...more

  • Elvenar: The Fairies Are Coming

    03/01/2016 06:22 am - It’s been a while since the dwarves have made a guest appearance in Elvenar, bringing lots of new technologies and lots of riches to the strategy game. Players have helped this ancient race get back to the fame and honor of their glory days, which is...more

  • Fallout Shelter: Parrots, Crafting, and Barbershop Coming Soon

    03/01/2016 05:52 am - Get ready to expand your vault! Game developer Bethesda Softworks has announced a new update for the post-apocalyptic simulation Fallout Shelter. The patch is scheduled to come out sometime later this week, and it will bring all kinds of new content...more

  • Clash Royale: Big Update Right before Game Launch

    02/29/2016 07:45 am - Clash Royale is still not available for all players in all territories. Currently, the tower defense game based on the Clash of Clans universe is only available in certain territories as part of its soft launch to fix any remaining game issues. That...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Tips for Match-3 Game Mode

    02/29/2016 07:03 am - The latest world in Plants vs. Zombies 2 added a brand new game mode to the tower defense game. In the past, we have enjoyed the conveyor belt type levels, the levels in which we had to collect sunlight, or the levels in which we were only allowed to...more

  • Goodgame Studios: New RPG in the Making

    02/26/2016 08:01 am - The free-to-play giant Goodgame Studios has announced that there is a brand new action-RPG in the pipeline for the Hamburg based studio. Their strategy games Big Farm and Empire are already popular....more

  • Dragomon Hunter: What to Expect in March

    02/26/2016 07:55 am - It seems like 2016 just started last week, yet here we are at the end of February. Dragomon Hunter has successfully started the new year with significantly more than 500,000 players after having gone into open beta in October 2015. In order to keep t...more

  • Goodgame Empire: How to Plan and Execute an Attack

    02/26/2016 04:00 am - An empire doesn’t build itself. The Goodgame Empire community is well aware of this. Anyone who wants power and honor in the strategy game has to work for it. Naturally, there are quite a few quests that can be completed diplomatically, but sometimes...more

  • More Mobile Games by the Fallout Shelter Studio

    02/25/2016 06:00 am - Bethesda Softworks, the studio behind game franchises such as Fallout or The Elder Scrolls, wants to continue developing new games for mobile devices according to Director Todd Howard. In an interview with our colleagues over at Gamespot at the 2016...more

  • Winning Putt: Open Beta Development Diary

    02/25/2016 05:00 am - The free-to-play golf game Winning Putt is getting a brand new update! Bandai Namco are keeping players informed by releasing regular updates called the “Letter from the Groundskeeper”....more

  • Futurama: Global Launch Today

    02/25/2016 04:30 am - We hope you prepared your spacecraft, as you are about to go on an intergalactic journey in the name of the Planet Express trading company. Bender, Fry, and co. will now wreak havoc on your smartphones and tablets if you download Futurama: Game of Dr...more

  • Ghost in the Shell – First Assault: Exclusive Interview with Game Director

    02/24/2016 08:00 am - Ghost in the Shell – First Assault is a brand new upcoming shooter from Nexon and Neople. We have an exclusive interview with the Game Director behind the free-to-play game, all about the new FPS....more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Make It through Level 12 in Modern Day

    02/24/2016 04:55 am - Level 12 of the Modern Day world in Plants vs. Zombies 2 continues the line of difficult stages. However, in comparison to some of the other levels of this world, Day 12 is actually manageable once you figure out the right strategy. Your goal is to s...more

  • The Simpsons – Tapped Out: Get Lucky in Springfield

    02/24/2016 04:00 am - After a rather short Valentine’s Day event, the guys and girls over at Electronic Arts have released a new update for The Simpsons: Tapped Out, which appeals to all those gamblers out there. Anyone familiar with the city simulation won’t be too surpr...more

  • Pokémon GO: More Information on the Release

    02/23/2016 08:15 am - The Pokémon franchise is turning 20 years old in just four days. It remains to be seen whether there will be a big announcement that day or whether it will just be a day full of nostalgia. Either way, there is some exciting new information on the upc...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Complete Level 10 in Modern Day

    02/23/2016 05:47 am - Oh, you thought things were going to get easier in Plants vs. Zombies 2’s latest world? Continue hoping, as things are as difficult as they can get. We barely made it through level 10 of the Modern Day! You will mostly fight against the walking dead...more

  • War Thunder: Dev Blog Reveals New Snowy Map

    02/22/2016 09:25 am - The free-to-play war game War Thunder is getting a brand new map in the near future! In their latest developer blog, Gaijin Entertainment revealed that they have been working on a new map for War Thunder....more

  • Goodgame Empire: How to Plan and Execute an Attack

    02/22/2016 08:22 am - An empire doesn’t build itself. The Goodgame Empire community is aware of this all too well. Anyone who wants power and honor in the strategy game has to work for it. Naturally, there are quite a few quests that can be completed diplomatically, but s...more

  • Smite: More than 14 Million Players and PS4 Launch

    02/22/2016 07:12 am - The guys and girls over at Hi-Rez Studios seem to be on a roll. Things seem to be going quite smoothly for their free-to-play MOBA Smite. One game update follows the next, usually accompanied with generous giveaways. Only last week, patch 3.2 brought...more

  • World of Warships: Russian Cruisers on the Horizon

    02/20/2016 09:50 am - The free-to-play game World of Warships is getting a brand new line of ships in the near future. The Russian World of Warships website posted news that a brand new line of Russian Cruisers are coming to the game....more

  • Paragon: New Trailer and Playtest this Weekend

    02/19/2016 07:32 am - Anyone who has gotten an invite to delve into Paragon should listen up. The development studio Epic Games has announced that there will be another playtest this weekend. It will particularly focus on the crossplay between PC and PlayStation 4 players...more

  • Star Wars – The Old Republic: New Chapter “Disavowed” Coming in March

    02/19/2016 06:52 am - The latest chapter in Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire only launched a few days ago. That doesn’t stop the guys and girls over at Bioware and Electronic Arts to announce the release of the next chapter. Anarchy of Paradise w...more

  • Futurama – Game of Drones: Launching Next Week

    02/19/2016 06:05 am - Prepare your spacecraft and go on an intergalactic journey with the crew of Planet Express to fight a trade war against the rivalling trading company MomCo.! Late last year, the guys and girls over at Wooga announced that they were working on a mobi...more

  • Smite: Get Free Skins and Codes for Raijin, Bastet, or Ratatoskr!

    02/19/2016 06:00 am - Just this last week Hi-Rez, the team behind the MOBA Smite, announced that a brand new God will be joining the arena. We are here to give away the new god for free, along with skins and bonus codes!...more

  • ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds: Open Beta Coming Soon

    02/18/2016 07:18 am - The free-to-play MMO called ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds will be available for all interested players very soon! Publisher Webzen has announced that the open beta will launch on March 2nd, 2016. Only a few more weeks until you can simply head ov...more

  • Dawn of Gods: New Strategy Game Featuring Gods Is Live

    02/18/2016 05:59 am - Almost a month ago, the guys and girls over at Aeria Games announced a brand new mobile game for Android and iOS called Dawn of Gods! The app went straight into its soft launch in the Google Play Store and has remained that way until today. The Berli...more

  • World of Warships: Team Battles Arrive in New Patch

    02/18/2016 05:30 am - The free-to-play war game World of Warships has just received another massive update. This time around players are getting their hands on the long-awaited team battles, along with some other changes....more

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