• Twin Saga: Open Beta Is Live
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms: Get the First Rew
  • Crossout Preview: Mad Max Action in Virt
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Coming this
  • League of Angels 2: Officially Launching
Twin Saga: Open Beta Is Live

The Open Beta is Here!

News from the Online Gaming World
  • Forza Motorsport 6 – Apex: Open Beta Starts in May

    04/29/2016 05:25 am - Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! It’s been a little quiet about the upcoming racing game by Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios. In early March, the studios announced Forza Motorsport 6: Apex for Windows 10 PCs. The online game was going to bring...more

  • Twin Saga: New Anime MMORPG by Aeria Games

    04/29/2016 04:32 am - Anime fans in Europe and North America are pretty lucky at the moment! Earlier this week, the guys and girls over at Gameforge announced that they were bringing the MMORPG SoulWorker from South Korea to western markets. Today, it is Aeria Games’ turn...more

  • HEX – Shards of Fate: More than 300 New Cards in Update

    04/28/2016 07:42 am - Gameforge and HEX Entertainment can certainly hold their own against the guys and girls over at Blizzard Entertainment. The two studios are proving this once again by releasing a massive content expansion for their online trading card game HEX: Shard...more

  • SoulWorker: Gameforge Is Bringing Anime-MMORPG to North America

    04/28/2016 06:19 am - Fans of roleplaying games with anime graphics have reason to get excited. The German publisher Gameforge has announced that it has teamed up with South Korean development studio Lion Games to bring SoulWorker to Europe and North America. The MMORPG h...more

  • Dreadnought: Closed Beta Starting this Week

    04/27/2016 07:30 am - Earlier this month, the guys and girls over at Yager announced that Dreadnought would start its open beta later this year. At that point, the upcoming multiplayer game had been in its very early testing, and players had been able to sign up for the e...more

  • World of Warships: Patch 5.5 Brings Weather Effects

    04/27/2016 05:46 am - The free-to-play war game World of Warships is about to get a massive update packed full of game changes, including weather effects, balance changes, new in-game sounds, and much more!...more

  • Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing for Mobile Devices

    04/27/2016 05:44 am - Nintendo had some exciting news to share with their shareholders in their quarterly financial statement yesterday. Not only did the Big N reveal the release date for their mysterious upcoming platform called NX, but they also announced their next two...more

  • Paragon: Free Stress Test Weekends Coming

    04/26/2016 11:38 am - The free-to-play MOBA Paragon is having a series of Free Beta Weekends in the coming weeks. During these weekends they will be stress testing the servers to see how they hold up....more

  • World of Tanks: 5 Issue Comic Series Coming Soon

    04/26/2016 09:10 am - Wargaming, the company behind free-to-play titles such as World of Warships and World of Tanks has just announced a brand new partnerships with Dark Horse Comics, and will produce a series of 5 issues....more

  • Twitch Showcase: Armored Warfare

    04/25/2016 10:18 am - After bringing you guys some awesome gameplay and premium codes for War Thunder the other week, we wanted to give you all the chance to try out another tank based game; Armored Warfare. You can get your hands on premium accounts, tanks, and more!...more

  • Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods Live Tomorrow

    04/25/2016 07:27 am - The free-to-play card game Hearthstone is about to get a massive update, including the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion and a whole load of changes and card backs! The long wait is almost over....more

  • League of Legends: URF Mode is Live!

    04/22/2016 10:03 am - The free-to-play MOBA League of Legends has just released the second instalment of the rotating game mode queue; Ultra Rapid Fire mode is now available for all to play!...more

  • The Elder Scrolls – Legends: Closed Beta Starts Today

    04/22/2016 09:10 am - There’s a brand new free-to-play card game entering closed beta, as The Elder Scrolls: Legends enters its first stage of beta testing. Hopeful players can now sign up to the closed beta via the official website....more

  • Winning Putt: Spring Update Coming Today

    04/21/2016 09:28 am - The free-to-play golf game, Winning Putt, is about to get its biggest update yet. The Spring Update brings a brand new survival mode, along with the chance to play a round of golf on a massive moonbase!...more

  • Rail Nation: Steam over Europe Update Continues

    04/21/2016 06:47 am - After the massive news that Rail Nation was coming to mobile devices, Travian have announced that their “Steam over Europe” update will continue to bring even more cool content to the game....more

  • The Simpsons – Tapped Out: Wild West Update Is Live

    04/20/2016 08:02 am - The casinos have finally shut their doors in the wacky world of The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Things have gone back to the Springfield version of normal in the last few weeks, but things are changing again, as the next update has gone live in the mobile...more

  • Tanki Online: New Information on the Action Game

    04/19/2016 08:00 am - The developers behind the action game Tanki X have recently released their first Dev Diary where they allow their community to peak behind the scenes of developing the MMO. There’s a lot to be seen, as Tanki X is currently in the midst of its develop...more

  • Bless: Coming to North America and Europe

    04/19/2016 07:16 am - Neowiz Games announced today that the MMORPG Bless is coming to North American and European markets. None other than Berlin based publisher Aeria Games will localize, market, and publish the massively multiplayer online game in the west. The studio h...more

  • Dragomon Hunter: Capture the Flag and More in New Update

    04/18/2016 07:50 am - A brand new game update has hit the world of Wyveria. It comes only a few weeks after the Dragomon Hunter community got to explore the biggest patch to date in the fantasy roleplaying game. In early March, a content update brought new maps, new dunge...more

  • Atlas Reactor: Closed Beta and New Progression System

    04/15/2016 07:24 am - In the last few months, Trion Worlds’ upcoming new turn-based strategy game has gone in and out of various open alpha events, where a limited amount of players got to delve into the game and give it a run for its money. The community’s feedback has b...more

  • The Settlers Online: Football’s Coming to Town

    04/15/2016 06:16 am - In less than 2 months, the UEFA Euro Cup is going to begin in France. While this might not be super important to most American soccer fans, it is quite a big deal in Europe. It is no wonder then that the German development studio Ubisoft Blue Byte is...more

  • Heroes and Generals: Churchill Update has Arrived

    04/14/2016 09:18 am - The free-to-play strategy-come-FPS game, Heroes and Generals, has just received an update that brings a load of new weapons and features to the game. The “Churchill – Inglorious Guns” update is now live!...more

  • Goodgame Studios Halting the Development of their Upcoming Action RPG

    04/14/2016 08:08 am - In February, Goodgame Studios proudly introduced their brand new team called 4th Floor Studio. The newly opened arm of the development studio was supposed to mark the corporation’s first step into the core gaming market. More than 70 employees joined...more

  • Paragon: New Heroes and More in the Upcoming Weeks

    04/14/2016 07:22 am - It’s been pretty much exactly one month since Paragon has started its early access. Anyone who is willing to spend some money can join the testing phase anytime they want. Everyone else has to be patient and either wait for an invitation or wait for...more

  • Smite: Free Jing Wei Codes and Big Update

    04/13/2016 08:07 am - It is no secret that the guys and girls over at Hi-Rez Studios are more dedicated than many other studios to bring their community constant updates and new content. Every few weeks a new god is added, revised, or given new skins. Usually, these updat...more

  • Hitman Go: Virtual Reality Version Announced

    04/12/2016 10:38 am - It’s hard to believe that Hitman Go has already been out for almost two years! In May 2014, Square Enix released the mobile game for Android devices, surprising players with an innovative take on the franchise. The app managed to stand out in terms o...more

  • Armored Warfare: New Tanks and Missions in Update 0.15

    04/12/2016 09:24 am - and Obsidian Entertainment have announced a new update for the action game Armored Warfare. It sounds like players will get a taste of the future, as the new update allows them to unlock and play with new vehicles that haven’t even been releas...more

  • Nosgoth: Another Bites the Dust – Going Offline in May

    04/11/2016 07:35 am - More than two and a half years ago, Square Enix announced that it had partnered up with Psyonix to work on a battle arena game in which vampires would go up against humans. The result was Nosgoth, an online game set in the Legacy of Kane universe, wh...more

  • Forge of Empires: Yuri Gagarin Event Has Started

    04/08/2016 07:52 am - It’s time for a short history lesson here on! As you will know, we have quite a few AAA online games that have a historic focus. Especially games such as War Thunder and World of Tanks pride themselves on their historical accuracy. Wit...more

  • Pokémon Trading Card Game Online: Available on Android Tablets

    04/08/2016 07:13 am - The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online has been available on iPads for quite some time already. Launched on October 1st, 2014, the title has allowed iPad owners to battle it out against other Pokémon trainers from all around the world. One update after...more

  • Fable Legends: Is there Still Hope for the RPG?

    04/08/2016 06:32 am - Exactly one month ago, we were shocked by a surprising announcement by the guys and girls over at Microsoft who revealed that the development studio Lionhead Studios would be closed. Publisher Microsoft explained that they wanted to focus on the game...more

  • League of Angels 2: Officially Launching Today

    04/07/2016 07:48 am - Earlier this year, the guys and girls over at GTArcade announced that their iconic browser game League of Angels was getting an official sequel. This further expands the franchise of the warrior angels, after the publisher already released a mobile s...more

  • Goodgame Empire: New Shadow Units in Latest Update

    04/07/2016 07:20 am - Things are getting dark and gloomy in Goodgame’s real time strategy game Goodgame Empire. An update has gone live today which offers new possibilities for Shadow Units. It looks like the Shadow Commander has thoroughly trained his troops in the past,...more

  • Crossout: Starting Its Closed Beta

    04/06/2016 08:00 am - Gaijin Entertainment’s upcoming action game that seems to be inspired by the postapocalyptic world of Mad Max has started its next major testing phase. For a couple of weeks, Crossout has gone through various smaller testing sessions where the develo...more

  • Dota 2: Watching eSports in Virtual Reality

    04/06/2016 07:31 am - Since yesterday, players can pre-order Valve’s Virtual Reality Headset that was developed in cooperation with HTC. The delivery will follow in May. Anyone with a little more than $800 to spare can delve into a virtual reality sponsored by Valve. Unfo...more

  • Trove: Mantle of Power Coming this Month

    04/06/2016 06:58 am - The voxel based sandbox RPG Trove is getting its first major expansion of the year. The Mantle of Power has now been previewed on the game’s official website, and it looks like it will bring a plethora of new content and features to the roleplaying a...more

  • Twitch Showcase: War Thunder

    04/05/2016 08:52 am - Welcome to the first in the series of our Twitch Showcase! We take the best new free games and give you the chance to watch them live on before playing it, and get your hands on some cool in-game items at the same time....more

  • ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds: First Content Update

    04/05/2016 08:17 am - ASTA – The War of Tears and Winds has been in its open beta since March 2nd, 2016. English speaking players have been able to join in on the fantasy action and enjoy a fantastical world full of magic. The developers Polygon Games had devoted a lot of...more

  • Armored Warfare: Announcing Turkish Tank

    04/05/2016 07:22 am - Armored Warfare is going to introduce yet another nation to its roster. Currently, players can already choose between vehicles from Germany, the United States of America, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, France, and China. Now, the guys and girls over a...more

  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Coming this Week

    04/05/2016 06:22 am - Now that’s what we call a pleasant surprise! Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is going to be released in North America later this week. This definitely took us off guard, as it had been somewhat quiet around the upcoming mobi...more

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