• Twin Saga: Open Beta Is Live
  • Disney Magic Kingdoms: Get the First Rew
  • Crossout Preview: Mad Max Action in Virt
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained X: Coming this
  • League of Angels 2: Officially Launching
Twin Saga: Open Beta Is Live

The Open Beta is Here!

News from the Online Gaming World
  • Lego Star Wars – The Force Awakens: Mobile Game Released

    07/05/2016 07:42 am - The motion picture Star Wars: The Force Awakens launched at the box office more than six months ago. While the marketing machinery was busy plastering stores with Star Wars related merchandise, there was one thing missing: an official game based on t...more

  • Pokémon GO: Closed Beta Has Ended

    07/05/2016 06:46 am - Last Thursday, June 30th 2016, the closed beta for Pokémon GO has ended in the US. Everyone who participated in this testing phase was informed that all data would be deleted once the closed beta ended in order to thoroughly prepare the augmented rea...more

  • Clash Royale: The Tournaments Have Started

    07/05/2016 06:08 am - The tournaments feature in Clash Royale has been teased for quite some time, and now it has finally arrived in the tower defense TCG. Supercell has released a new update that not only brings the PvP contests to the mobile game, but also a lot of othe...more

  • Devilian: Alvir’s Legacy and More Coming Up

    07/01/2016 09:01 am - Last week has been a week of Producer’s Letters and Dev Diaries, and we were barely able to cover most of them. The Producer on Devilian, Andrew “Drewcifer” Sipotz, turned to the MMORPG’s community to shed some light on some of the exciting changes a...more

  • Skyforge: Celebrating Birthday with Big Update

    07/01/2016 06:19 am - It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been an entire year since the free-to-play MMORPG Skyforge went into its open beta, and as you might know if you are familiar with the online gaming industry, public testing basically accounts for a launch nowada...more

  • Crush Online: Closed Beta Has Started

    06/30/2016 08:19 am - What happens when you combine an MMO with MOBA gameplay? You get the upcoming online game called Crush Online. The Korean development studio JoyImpact is taking the combat system that players might be familiar with from games such as League of Legend...more

  • Waframe: New Website and Preview for The War Within

    06/30/2016 06:10 am - Anyone who is visiting the official game homepage of the free-to-play action game Warframe will notice quite a few significant changes. The third-person shooter developed by Digital Extremes has a completely new homepage which makes it a lot easier f...more

  • Minecraft – Pocket Edition: Hollywood Movie Coming in 2019

    06/30/2016 05:51 am - It’s interesting to look back at Minecraft’s origin story. It was originally developed by one Swedish programmer called Markus “Notch” Persson as a one-person project, and first released in 2009. Since then, the sandbox game has come a long way. Pers...more

  • Gigantic: Catching Up with the Community before Stress Test

    06/29/2016 08:26 am - We reported last week that the guys and girls over at Motiga are finally giving their community what they have so desperately been waiting for in the last few weeks and months. Starting tomorrow, June 30th, players on Windows PC and Xbox Live will be...more

  • Rift: Summer Is Coming in Patch 3.7

    06/28/2016 07:46 am - The summer solstice on June 21st is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. This day is thoroughly celebrated in many cultures across Europe, North America, and Russia. The guys and girls over at Trion Worlds are joining in on the cel...more

  • World of Warships: New Game Mode in Public Test

    06/28/2016 06:22 am - The guys and girls over at Wargaming believe in public tests before releasing new patches in order to make sure that they not only work flawlessly, but are also popular within the community. The last few updates brought new maps, balancing changes, a...more

  • Star Wars – The Old Republic: Choose a Side in Summer Event

    06/24/2016 05:39 am - A fun and extensive summer event it coming to the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the midst of releasing new chapters for the expansion called Knights of the Fallen Empire that constantly brings new content to the roleplaying game, the guys an...more

  • Gigantic: Stress Test Coming on June 30th

    06/24/2016 05:09 am - The guys and girls behind Gigantic have had to go through quite some up and downs in the last few weeks and months. Earlier this year, the development studio Motiga has had to lay off several of its staff, as the financial situation of the studio plu...more

  • Fable Fortune: The Franchise Lives on in New Game

    06/23/2016 07:47 am - A few weeks ago, the English development studio Lionhead Studios was shut down. This did not only mean the end for the upcoming Fable Legends, but also for the entire franchise. At least, that’s what would’ve happened if some of the original develope...more

  • RuneScape: Anniversary Quest Developed by Creators of the MMORPG

    06/23/2016 07:19 am - The free-to-play MMORPG RuneScape has already been around for more than 15 years! That is certainly a reason for celebration. Since 15 years might not sound so long at first, let us put that into perspective. Just think about it: People were still us...more

  • Blade & Soul: Introducing the Soul Fighter in New Update

    06/23/2016 06:24 am - It’s not even been quite a month since the Blade & Soul community got their last major game update called Vengeance Breaks. It brought pets to the MMORPG allowing all players who have reached at least level 50 to roam around the fantasy world with a...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Strawburst and More in Summer Event

    06/22/2016 07:46 am - If you are such big fans of Plants vs. Zombies 2 as we are, you might have been twiddling your thumbs in the last few weeks. It’s been four months since the last (and most likely final) world has been added to the tower defense game. In the meantime,...more

  • Pokémon TCG Online: Update Streamlines the Game

    06/22/2016 06:22 am - There’s a new update for the iOS and the recently released Android version of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (which we usually abbreviate to Pokémon TCG Online for the sake of convenience). The developers mostly focused on adding features and funct...more

  • Hay Day: Summer Update Brings New Plants and Neighborhood Trading

    06/21/2016 07:46 am - While some parts of the country are coming to a boil and others are drowning in rain, the guys and girls over at Supercell decided to celebrate the more ideal parts of summer. The free-to-play farm game Hay Day has just gotten its newest patch which...more

  • Clash Royale: New Balancing Update Coming Tomorrow

    06/20/2016 07:45 am - While the Clash of Clans community has been able to enjoy bigger updates that brought Friendly Challenges, it has been quite some time since the Clash Royale players have been able to play through new features. The mobile game’s update came out in Fe...more

  • Dragomon Hunter: New Update Raises Level Cap

    06/17/2016 07:31 am - It really must feel good to be a Dragomon Hunter player! The guys and girls over at Aeria Games never stop dishing out new content. The MMORPG’s community can basically expect to get a new patch every month. After a new mining system for more resourc...more

  • The Simpsons – Tapped Out: Up and Atom – Superhero Event Is Live

    06/16/2016 07:54 am - It’s time for another event in the free-to-play mobile game The Simpsons: Tapped Out. While the major comic book movies of the year have already been released, it is now time for Springfielders to get their fair share of superheroes. It is not the fi...more

  • Pokémon GO: Coming out Next Month

    06/16/2016 07:19 am - Nintendo has created quite some buzz at this year’s E3 – and the studio didn’t even present its mysterious new hardware called NX. Instead, the Big N decided to thoroughly introduce The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the general public. Of co...more

  • The Elder Scrolls Legends: New Details about Single Player Mode

    06/14/2016 07:38 am - The guys and girls over at Bethesda announced the online trading card game The Elder Scrolls Legends at last year’s E3 for PC and iPads. After months of nearly complete silence, the publisher finally started the TCG’s closed beta this spring. At this...more

  • Fallout Shelter: Major Update and PC Version Coming Soon

    06/14/2016 06:43 am - Bethesda has made use of the E3 once again for big announcements about their mobile game Fallout Shelter. Last year, the publisher shocked players when they announced that a mobile adaptation of their post-apocalyptic franchise was going to launch la...more

  • Twin Saga: Introducing the Character Classes

    06/13/2016 07:46 am - Online roleplaying games definitely require a unique feature that distinguishes them from all the other titles of this highly contested genre. Developers try to come up with that one feature that intrigues players to give their MMORPG a try and hopef...more

  • Paragon: Open Beta Launches Just in Time for Gamescom

    06/13/2016 07:03 am - Epic Games’ upcoming free-to-play MOBA Paragon has been in its closed beta aka early access since March. Only players who purchased a Founder’s Pack have been able to delve into the online game – unless there has been an occasional open beta test wee...more

  • Star Wars – The Old Republic: Information on The Gemini Deception

    06/13/2016 06:19 am - The free-to-play MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting a brand new chapter for its expansion called Knights of the Fallen Empire. The Gemini Deception will come out in a few weeks, and things will definitely get down to the nitty-gritty once...more

  • Star Trek Online: Agents of Yesterday Expansion Coming in July

    06/10/2016 07:08 am - Publisher Perfect World and developer Cryptic Studios have something very exciting in store for the Star Trek Online community this summer. In order to celebrate the franchise’s fiftieth birthday, the free-to-play MMORPG is getting a huge expansion....more

  • Skyforge: Akonitas‘ Invasion Has Begun

    06/10/2016 06:13 am - A new adventure has been released for the free-to-play MMORPG Skyforge focusing on the terrible Akonitas. Akonita is the evil leader of an alien race who has made it her goal to invade and conquer the world of Aelion. Players will have to try everyth...more

  • Forge of Empires: Soccer Euro Cup Event Starting Today

    06/09/2016 06:40 am - If you’re not from Europe or a big soccer fan, you might not be aware of the hype that is currently going on in the Old World. The Euro Cup 2016 is about to start tomorrow in France. Particularly European based publishers and developers are bound to...more

  • Neverwinter: Guild Alliances Update Is Live

    06/08/2016 07:39 am - A few months ago, publisher Perfect World and developer Cryptic Studios announced the next major game update for their free-to-play MMORPG Neverwinter. Now, “The Maze Engine: Guild Alliances” update has gone live, and like the name suggests, guilds w...more

  • World of Tanks Blitz: Lots of Improvements in Patch 2.10

    06/08/2016 06:38 am - The guys and girls over at Wargaming have revealed that patch 2.10 has gone live in World of Tanks Blitz. While the update doesn’t add as much new content as some of the later patches did, it brings a lot of exciting improvements and enhancements to...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies Heroes: Ranked Mode and Available in Canada

    06/07/2016 08:27 am - When the guys and girls over at PopCap released the latest game update for Plants vs. Zombies 2, we speculated that it might be the last bigger update for the tower defense game, as it felt like it was wrapping up Dave’s journey to relive his experie...more

  • Minecraft – Pocket Edition: Pistons and Horses in New Update

    06/07/2016 07:46 am - Sometimes, publishers and developers choose to give new updates for their video games a unique name so that their community doesn’t only have to refer to patch XY. Usually, the updates are named after the central new feature or content that is being...more

  • Goodgame Empire: Alliance Cities Are Live

    06/06/2016 07:47 am - It’s been a while since the last bigger update in the free-to-play strategy game Goodgame Empire. In April, Shadow Units were added to the browser game, introducing two new units and new content to the title. The newest update has launched today, and...more

  • Heroes of the Storm: Unranked Draft Mode Coming Soon

    06/03/2016 05:59 am - It’s hard to believe that Heroes of the Storm has already been around for exactly one year. On June 3rd, 2015, the guys and girls over at Blizzard entered the realm of MOBAs allowing their fan base to battle it out against each other with the most ic...more

  • Skyforge: Releasing Cybernetic Alliance Update

    06/02/2016 07:26 am - Pretty much exactly 2 weeks ago, the guys and girls over at Allods Team and announced the next big game update for the MMORPG Skyforge. The update launched yesterday, just as scheduled in the initial announcement. Cybernetic Alliance focuses...more

  • Warface: Launching Operation Anubis

    06/02/2016 06:32 am - Earlier this week, the guys and girls over at Crytek started previewing their next major game update called Anubis for their first-person shooter Warface. Luckily for the online game’s community, it didn’t take long for the patch to actually go live....more

  • Heavenstrike Rivals: Mobile RPG Meets Fullmetal Alchemist

    06/02/2016 05:32 am - Square Enix is known for all kinds of roleplaying game franchises, most of which are very inspired by the world of anime and manga. The mobile game Heavenstrike Rivals is no exception from this pattern. In this context it makes sense for the tactical...more

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