MafiaCreator: Update to country options announced

09/09/2010 04:39 am in News

Dutch developer 2Players made an announcement yesterday detailing the latest update of their MafiaCreator, a system that allows you to create your own browser-based Mafia game. Updates have been made to the country options, inspired by recent suggestions from users.


Some of the country options have been significantly altered, and other country options remain the same. Country options that remain unchanged include the Dirty Pope (Italy), Human Trafficking (China), Soccer Betting (Brasil), Russian Mob (Russia), and Kill the Pharaoh (Egypt).

Changes have been made to the Mysterious Packages option – now not only reserved for France (the Eiffel Tower), but also available for China (the Chinese Wall), India (the Taj Mahal), USA (the Empire State Building), Egypt (the Pyramid of Cheops), and Italy (the Tower of Pisa).

The Stock Exchange option is now not only available in Frankfurt, Germany, but can be moved to any other country. You now have the option of personalising the stocks with your own company names. The Robbery option now gives you several more possible operations to undertake. The Safe option has been updated so that you can now grant access from one specific country only, rather than every country. The Red Light District option can now also be assigned to a specific country. There is a new Group Robbery option, which costs 50MP, which makes it possible for groups to attack an item chosen by you.

MafiaCreator is a mafia-themed browser game creator, in which you design and manage your own mafia browser game. MafiaCreator offers numerous features including exciting casino games, thrilling car races, as well as crooked criminal activities for your players to engage in.

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