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Mafia Battle
What to expect:
  • Build Your Own Mafia Empire
  • Various Ways of Earning Money
  • Fight against the Police and Other Players
  • Online Ranking for Competitive Players
  • Cooperate with Other Players
  • Browser Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • Online Games
  • Action
Age group

Play Mafia Battle for Free and Become a Powerful Don

In the free-to-play browser game Mafia Battle, you will become a respected Godfather by leading your gangster clan to glory and wealth!


There’s no doubt about it: mafias are a fascinating topic! Movies such as The Godfather trilogy, Goodfellas, and Once Upon a Time in America are proof of this fascination. Like pirates or outlaws in the Wild West, mafia clans have been romanticized in the past despite being terrifying criminals. Although they move outside of the law, these gangster families work in a classy way, with strict rules, and even stricter internal structures. You will experience all of these facets in the free-to-play browser game Mafia Battle. Be inspired by Don Vito Corleone and become the leader of one of the most powerful mafia families.

Money Is Power in Mafia Battle!

As a big shot in the world of organized crime, you don’t really deal with small issues. In Mafia Battle, you won’t steal a grandma’s purse. You are out for the big win. By taking part in illegal business, you will constantly increase your wealth. Be careful though, as the police is keeping an eye on you. They are obviously wary of the mafia taking control over the city, especially with their criminal methods. The police are not your only problem in Mafia Battle.

While the browser game features a single player game mode, you can only become truly powerful by taking out the competition. Fight against other mafia clans in order to win the upper hand in your hometown. These battles are part of your daily routine in Mafia Battle. The more successful you are, the higher you will rise in the online rankings. Luckily, not all other players are opponents. You can also team up with some other clans to plan bigger operations. How about robbing a security van filled with cash?

Some Lightweight Fun as Well

There’s also some more lightweight fun in the browser game Mafia Battle. If you need a break from robbing banks and battling it out against other clans, you can try your luck at the slot machine or at card games. Even mafia Dons need some relaxation and fun after all!

Mafia Battle Screenshots

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