Maestia: Rise of Keledus: Major Content Update Brings New Raid Instance

12/13/2012 09:47 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsDownload GamesMMORPG



The second Raid Instance is now live in Maestia – Rise of Keledus. The Temple of Cinis is where you will encounter the latest and greatest challenge in the Maestia universe. It is up to you and your fellow adventures to defeat the massive crystal golem Nautilus. The instance is intended for two groups and up to 12 players in total. Anyone who has the gusto to take on and take down Nautilus will be handsomely rewarded with new armor, rings and amulets. 

Along with the new raid instance, the patch will see revisions to skill trees to support a wider array of play styles. Each of the four classes will now have two potential paths to take, but must choose only one of the two options which will allow players to further specialize their roles in any given group and customize their character however they please.

Lastly, the update also introduces three new professions for crafting items. The three professions are Weapon Smith, Armor Smith and Alchemist, which will allow high level players to specialize in one of these trade skills and potentially craft very powerful items that are otherwise unavailable. Like any crafting system, players will need to retrieve the various elements that are used to build these new items, which can be collected from Elles or purchased in the shop. You can get a first glimpse at all of this and more below in the trailer for this update to Maestia - Rise of Keledus.
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