Maestia: Skies of Palus Expansion Launched

09/20/2012 09:53 am by Jonathan Smith in NewsDownload GamesRPG



In addition to raising the level cap from 59 to 68, Skies of Palus will also introduce a brand new zone geared towards large scale PvP battles. Players will battle to control areas of the Forgotten Swamp in order to defeat the challenging raid bosses which will spawn there and have retuned encounters to make the fights all the more challenging. 
Skies of Palus will also offer a new dungeon instance which players can take on at either of the two sets of selectable difficulty. To help players deal with these new challenges and make the most use of their increased level cap, skill trees have been expanded for all classes.

Players will also be able to enlist mercenaries to aid them in tasks that are simply too difficult to take on alone, or help speed through content at an unprecendented pace. Maxing out both Mercenary characters and participating in the new Golem Defender PvP mode will earn players awesome prizes.

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