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Maestia Description

In this mystical and magical world you will find yourself on the hunt for the Maestones. Fight for humanity, defeat evil creatures and become a part of a fantastical legend.


Under the control of the goddess Ia, peace and freedom once ruled the lands of the world of Maestia. The goddess appointed thirteen apostles, each of which received their own special abilities. All of mankind who lived in the world trusted these thirteen beings.

The faith in the apostles lasted decades but humankind strayed away from the believer’s path and soon, the faith was lost. Of course, this was not the only thing that destroyed the peace of the world… the rise of the powerful being Keledus, who claimed himself to be king of the darkness, was also to blame. However, there is still hope for the world of Maestia for there are mystical objects known as Maestones that will revive the power of the lost goddess. Only a hero who finds seven Maestones will be able to remain on the Island of Heaven. Over time, the heroes ended up splitting into two different groups - The Temple Knights and the Superion Guardians. The groups each have different goals in mind for humanity and the function of the Maestones themselves is also a point of conflict.

In the free-to-play online game Maestia, you can create your own character and develop special abilities. Pick a class to determine your set of skills which can be used during battle, and get ready to join forces with other players to take on daunting challenges in this fantasy MMORPG. You will enter dungeons, face raid bosses and even set foot on global battlegrounds, taking on members of the opposing faction in fast-paced and action-packed PvP battles. Here, it's important to keep a cool head even in the stickiest of situations!

Evil monsters are waiting to conquer you, so you must always be on your guard while playing the download game brought to you by Aeria Games. Prove yourself by mastering your skills and you may just become one of the legends in the online fantasy world of Maestia.

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