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Maegica Description

The world is torn by war and you must stake your claim. Create an empire from the ground up and command forces in battle in order to secure what is rightfully yours...


Maegica is a free-to-play browser game that combines role-playing and strategy elements together to create an action-filled adventure. You must rule your empire with an iron fist and lead your nation to glory through steel and fire.

In Maegica, you must create a kingdom from nothing. Starting with just a few small buildings, you must construct new structures and upgrade other buildings as well in order to create a vast, sprawling kingdom. However, you must also create an army that can march upon your enemies.

There are several units from which you can select to recruit in Maegica. By building an army that is well-balanced, you can be ready for any situations. Countless enemies await your arrival and you must make sure that you can outsmart and out maneuver them.

To lead your troops you will have a hero. These powerful beings are the head of your armies in Maegica and by far the strongest. As you see more victories on the battlefield, your hero will be able to be upgraded with new skills and abilities as well as items.

Tough NPC’s will test your strategic abilities as they progressively become harder to defeat and you raise your level in Maegica. However, by raising your level you will be able to construct new buildings and research new technologies that will unlock powerful items and skills for you.

by Kyle Hayth

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