Madden NFL Mobile
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Madden NFL Mobile
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Madden NFL Mobile Description

Join the roster of NFL players online and release your inner football champion! This isn't soccer of course, as this mobile game brought to you by Electronic Arts only features American football the way it was meant to be played. Ready, set, go!


Putting together a team of real-life athletes is the dream of many, whether that’s in soccer, tennis or good old American football. Electronic Arts (FIFA World) has just the mobile app for you to become a part of the NFL (National Football League) with just one single tap. Rise to fame and glory within the industry by beating other players in multiplayer matches. Mix and match between dozens of world famous football stars and make sure to get them the best training possible. Before you get to play with the big boys and girls however, you will have to start right from the beginning by downloading the free app on your iOS or Android mobile device. This includes smartphones and tablets.

At the start, you will have to fight hard to make a name for yourself within Madden NFL Mobile. Step by step you will climb the manager ladder by setting up a balanced team that’s well-versed in both defense and offense. While quick matches offer a great opportunity to simply gain a few ranks or to try out a new roster of players, big tournaments and leagues are what you are gunning for in the long run. These will reward you with plenty of in-game currency and help you unlock new football stars and upgrade them. Upgrades and boosts will help them bring out their very best performance and win you matches against the computer as well as other Madden NFL Mobile enthusiasts online.

Daily quests and a list of hard-to-complete achievements in this free mobile game will have you hunting for the best possible scores and as many touchdowns as possible. The best thing? You can play Madden NFL Mobile all year round and not just within the official season. Start a match in the sports game and select players and their next move by tapping the touchscreen of your mobile device. Be quick on your toes and develop a bullet-proof strategy to take down even the most experienced of NFL fans. We're rooting for you!

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