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Mabinogi Description

The magical world of Erinn awaits you. It is overflowing with features including intricate quests, heavy battles against monsters, a pet system, and endless NPCs and creatures to meet along the way.


Mabinogi is a client-based MMORPG, with numerous features, including a wide variety of dungeons to explore in over 23 different instances. Each time you defeat the evil dungeon boss monsters and their conspirators, you are given a key to another dungeon in another level.

Choose from one of three races in Mabinogi, including humans, elves and giants, and start customizing. With over 50 hair styles and 40 lip and eye colors, as well as various accessories and shoes that can be color-dyed, you are allowed to show off your individuality through your character. Even give your character a personal title and description. Create and personalize custom weaponry and armor using the Modification and Enchant system and tailor your own clothing using the natural surroundings.

Not only will you be embarking on intricate quests and taking on fierce monsters as you uncover the mysteries of the dungeons, but also improve your skills in fishing, cooking, and even composing music. Sing your composed song around the campfire, go deep-sea fishing in the vast ocean, read skill books to improve your knowledge and cook unique dishes using the ingredients found in nature. In this anime online game, your self-sufficiency is repeatedly put to the test.

In Mabinogi you venture alongside your own pet, with your spirit-endowed weapon as you prepare take on the scores of monsters to reach the dungeon bosses. By doing this you gain experience points, and with those the opportunity to be bestowed with honorary titles. Log in as your pet to get a pets-eye-view on the world of Erinn. With helpful NPCs pointing you along the way, a number of mini-games, an intuitive skills system, as well as the option to get a part-time job, the client game Mabinogi has a lot to offer.

Look into the faces of the Undead, the Kobolds and the Goblins and use all your strength, skills and power to ruthlessly defeat your enemies.

by Kyle Hayth

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