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Luvinia World
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Luvinia World Description

Enter a mysterious and often dangerous world, where orcs, humans, dwarves and gnomes once lived together in peace, but have now started to turn against each other...


Luvinia World is a free-to-play MMORPG set in a detailed fantasy world, once ruled by peace. Four races – orcs, humans, dwarves and gnomes – happily shared this world until one day the kindness in their hearts was overtaken by a greed for power and domination. Your mission is to join one of these races and fight against your opponents in the bid to take over the entire Luvinia Online game world.

The online role-playing game Luvinia World has several features, including both PvP and PvE combat, a player marriage system, and a host of other social features. The game is played out in a detailed and varied three dimensional game world, in which players use a point and click movement to get around. The Luvinia World game environment has light and shadow, and day and night effects that enrich the gaming experience for players.

As you defeat your enemies in intense and fast-paced PvP action, you will be ready to reap several rewards, including experiences points, special items, additional weaponry and more. Should you want to equip yourself for battle you can visit the Luvinia World item shop, where special mounts, enhanced weaponry and armor can be purchased.

Explore a vast, open and colorful world and face down against your enemy races in the exciting fantasy-themed MMORPG Luvinia World.

by Kyle Hayth

Luvinia World Screenshots

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