Luna Online: New Content and Pets with Luna Plus Update

01/13/2011 04:53 am in News

Publisher Gala-Net has announced that on January 19th, a new addition to their free-to-play MMO Luna Online will be launched. This will bring with it a Pet System with over 60 various pets, each with their own unique skills, to command in combat!
Luna Online

Luna Online

The focus of the Luna Plus update is the introduction of the Pet System. You will now be able to have your very own combat pet in Luna Online which is extremely customizable and with many pets to choose from. From the stealthy Assassin pet which can cloak until combat to the Harpy JR which silences all enemies in combat, leveling your pet with your character introduces a new aspect to the game.

The highlight of the new Pet System in Luna Online is the customization and crafting of skills. Pets will be able to wear armor and outfits that will benefit their combat abilities and with the raising of level, you will be able to craft specific skills. There are up to five levels of skills which you can craft to improve the combat capabilities of your pet. These will be unlocked through "crafting quests" which will also be a part of the new content to be added.

A world of Anime fantasy awaits you in Luna Online. Create a character and make friends while battling tough creatures and uncovering hidden mysteries. Level up to experience more content and challenging fights against powerful enemies.

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