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Luna Online
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Luna Online Description

Roam a magical fantasy world and skilfully take on your opponents as a fighter, rogue or mage. Collect precious resources, craft your own equipment and embark on exciting quests in this epic MMORPG...


Luna Online is a fun fantasy MMORPG featuring cute anime-style graphics. The client game has a choice of three races – fighter, mage and rogue - and over 40 character classes to explore as you level up. Each character can be personally customised. Choose the gender, class, race, appearance and name of your character and set off into a world of adventure.

Collect precious gems and valuable items whilst taking on evil monsters, as you roam the world of Luna Online. Gems and other equipment can be crafted using one of the several unique item advancement systems. Add bonuses to armour and weaponry through the use of jewels, enchant items to increase attack and defence power, and decompose equipment into valuable crafting materials to be used in the construction of new items. Collect the sparkling moonstones, twinkling star balrune, or even the much sought after Lucky 77, containing 77 precious items.

There is an huge community for networking in Luna Online, and even the possibility to go on exclusive dates to secret locations with other players. Start a family or form your own party with friends to embark on quests and tackle boss monsters together. Speak to the guild manager in Alker Harbour to establish a powerful guild, and go into battle in the guild tournaments. Gain new experience, learn useful skills and increase your stats as you roam the land and take on your opponents. Make sure you take time to relax in between battles by fishing in one of the luminous waters or even operating your own farm.

With bright and cute anime-style graphics, endless quests and battles, and several realms to explore and discover, Luna Online provides you with endless fun challenges.

Be prepared for adventure as you fight, explore and uncover the mysteries of the colourful fantasy world of Luna Online.

by Kyle Hayth

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