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Lula Online
What to expect:
  • Rise to the top of the sex industry in this free browser game
  • Become the most successful erotic industry manager
  • Recruit new girls to join your company
  • Gather experience to level up your ladies
  • Take care of all your employees including porn star and IT technicians
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  • Online Games
  • Simulation
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Play as an Erotic Industry Manager in Lula Online

Rise to the top of the sex industry in Lula Online and show all these other managers that your girls are the best at what they do!


Getting a leg up (pun intended!) in the adult film business is harder than you might think. Life as an erotic industry manager is often filled with irresponsible actors, sleazy customers and high production costs - and in this browser game, it’s up to you to keep it all together. Lula Online has everything you would expect from a sexy online game: Scantily-clad women, a variety of colorful sex toys and rippling six-packs everywhere you look. Thankfully, you have one particular lady to give you a hand and guide you through the core features of this role-playing game. Once you create an account and jump into the spicy online world, Lula herself will assist you in creating your business from the ground up.

Recruiting a new girl to join your company takes expertise and a keen eye for detail. Does she have what it takes to survive the cutthroat competition? Can she bring to the table what other actresses are famous for? The more frequent you hire her to do either racy photographs, star in suggestive movies or talk to customers in webcam sessions, the more efficient she gets. Gathering experience in Lula Online will allow your ladies to level up and specialize in certain fields. Keep in mind that not everyone can excel at everything, so please understand that while some might be absolutely brilliant at escorting lonely gentlemen to elaborate events, others might be their best when they're in front of a camera lense.

The most important thing about keeping afloat in the Lula Online business is taking care of your employees - whether that’s porn stars or IT technicians. Make sure they feel comfortable in their work environment and cater to their every need. They are the ones putting money in your pocket, after all! You will need a team that works like a well-oiled machine if you want to climb the international ranking and make a name in this free-to-play online game. Reaching certain milestones will not only give your business a better ranking than those other players have been working on, but also reward you with exclusive prizes and bonus Lula dollars.

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