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Lucent Heart
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Lucent Heart Description

Visit a world in which your Zodiac will determine your every action, challenge, and skill. Everything in this world revolves around your birth date and the character traits that come with it. Delve into a world where your horoscope truly matters.


Do you believe that your Zodiac influences the way you behave and the way that others see you? Do you think that it influences your everyday life and the choices you make? If that’s the case, or if you simply wish that were the case, you should take a closer look at the free-to-play MMORPG Lucent Heart. The downloadable online game features a new and exciting twist to roleplaying games that will entice all believers in the horoscope system.

Lucent Heart transports you to the world of Acadia, a place where nothing is more important than building relationships with other players. Meet other players in Therreal City or go on epic adventures in dungeons, hunt for ancient treasures, explore new zones, or collect weapons and other nifty items. The roleplaying game is rounded up by neat anime visuals that will transport you into this world.

The heart and soul of Lucent Heart revolves around its focus on Zodiac signs. Many in-game features build upon your horoscope. Your Zodiac sign makes you lean more towards some classes than others. However, later in the game you have the chance to alter this a little bit with the help of the Astrolabe, a quest which you can take on starting at level 10. Successfully finishing the Astrolabe will allow you to access your Zodiac skill tree and tweak your natural abilities.

The Cupid System will allow you to find your soulmate in Lucent Heart, which will give you many in-game advantages. Finding and grouping with up to three soulmates will give you extra experience points; performing lovers emotes, such as kissing and hugging, will give you buffs for a limited amount of time; marrying one of the three soul mates will be accompanied by a huge wedding.

Every day you will be greeted by your daily horoscope, which will define your character’s performance for that day. How much more chance do you have at critically hitting enemies? Play accordingly to make most of your luck.

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