Lost Saga: Celebrate its Launch with Brand New Content

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Lost Saga

Lost Saga

Fans can now experience Lost Saga thanks to its official, commercial return. After several delays, publisher WeMade Entertainment USA has announced that the fighting MMO is now open for commercial play. 

To celebrate its launch, the publisher has added brand new content and in-game events to the game. Lost Saga now features two new modes such as the Champion mode and Crusade challenge, a new map, and its first premium character, lori Yagami, which some of you might be familiar with from The King of Fighters or SNK vs. Capcom. Previous additions from the game’s open beta test, such as 15 new characters and four new maps, will also be available.
WeMade Entertainment plans to add further new content in the following months. 

Lost Saga is an online beat-em-up that features heroes from fantasy, history, sci-fi, and premium characters from other well-known games. Intense battles against up to 16 other players will push you to master the skills of your character. Working together as a team will give you an advantage to make it to the top.

LOST SAGA opens a new chapter today where players can choose their hero and join battles with more characters, modes, and maps than ever before. The addition of well-known characters such as Iori Yagami is just the start for us as more content will be added each month—we hope fans enjoy this new experience.

WeMade USA CEO, Philip Yun

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