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Lost Gate
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Lost Gate Description

Get ready to use your inner strength to move up in the world of this online game, leaving your competition behind. There is plenty of unclaimed territory for you to explore. Who knows? With a little bit of luck, you might take over the throne.


Whether you are fighting against other players or ruthless monsters, Lost Gate puts you in the position of defending the realm against the forces of evil. As a holy warrior, it is your duty to protect your people and lead them to victory - no matter what it takes. This browser game does not require a download whatsoever, so just register an account and you are good to go. It is also completely free-to-play which means that you won't have to pay subscription fees in order to play the roleplaying game.

Before you start your adventure, you have to pick a character. You can choose from four different classes, each unique in their abilities. While the Warrior has mastered the arts of close combat and uses blades to his advantage, the Assassin prefers sneaky manoeuvers and dazzles his or her enemy with raging blows and sinister strikes. Should you prefer a spell-casting, magically inclined hero, you should check out the two remaining classes. The Sorcerer has an ability to imbue his hands with elemental powers - be it water, earth or fire. Warlocks, however, can either inflict their opponent with a crippling poison or heal their allies. Make sure to use your skills wisely, as each creature has a certain weakness. Keep in mind that in Lost Gate, your health and mana points are limited. Remember to drink a potion whenever you need one. There is no use in saving them for later when you are dead.

In this browser game, you do not have to fight alone. In Lost Gate, there are various minions that will join your side and aid you in battle. Just like your character, every pet gains experience with each successful kill. When they collect enough experience, they will benefit from an increase in certain attributes and be an even bigger help when fighting against bloodthirsty boss monsters. You will need any help that you can get, especially upon entering instances and going up against dragons, trolls and other mythical beasts that roam the browser game.

Lost Gate Screenshots

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