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Loreaon Description

Enter a world of danger as everyone owns an incredibly powerful mech and fights are usually to the death. There is something for everyone in this sci-fi MMORPG – economics, combat and friendship...


Loreaon is a free-to-play, browser-based game that requires no downloads and is easy to start playing. You will live the life of a warrior that controls a powerful mech and other technologies that will let you defeat your enemies and earn glory.

In Loreaon, your goal is to raise your level and create the most powerful machine you can. You can gain experience by defeating other players in battle or going to the gym and training your skills. Doing so will increase your stats as well as your status, so train hard!

Just like the real world, money is incredibly important in Loreaon. Personal wealth is the key to success in this cutthroat world. The more money that you posses, the more high-level gear you will be able to purchase, thus making your character that much stronger. You can earn money by leveling a profession, winning the lottery and other ways that are just as exciting.

Because there are so many people in Lorean that are out to get you, it is wise to join up or create a clan. A clan is a group of players that are united under one banner and it provides you with the opportunity for a more social game as well as trading and the exchanging of tips or tricks.

Loreaon features a ranking system as well. It is important to try your best to get the highest rank possible, for your clan and personally. The higher the rank that you have, the more famous you are because everyone can see these rankings.

Every day presents you with a new challenge, whether it be an opponent or personal achievement. Create the most powerful fighting machine and master your skills to receive all the fame and money that goes with it.

by Kyle Hayth

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