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Lords Road
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Lords Road Description

Go on an adventurous journey in Lords Road! As a mage or warrior, you will depend on heroic courage and a grain of luck on the battlefield.


Goddesses Guide You

The world of Lords Road is chock-full of mythical stories, secrets, and treasures. This RPG for the browser of your choice is set in a fantastical world in which danger and beauty lie close together. The stories that are told in this picturesque world are inspired by legends and myths. Accordingly, you will not only meet other players in this fantasy game, but also various evil creatures and godly beings. The latter can even become your allies and support you on the battlefield. There are various goddesses whose unique abilities will give you an advantage in battles. Lords Road features other allies as well. You can also choose powerful bears or fiery dragons as your loyal companions in this browser based game. Select them as your mount and travel across the fantasy world on their back. Journey through the mysterious world and become the most legendary lord of them all. Your number one goal is to become a hero in Lords Road.

Challenges in Single Player and Multiplayer Gameplay

In various quests, you will earn gold and experience to slowly but surely improve your weapons and armor. Daily tasks and events constantly change things up, as you gradually delve further into the roleplaying game’s story. Experience massive battles in the underworld named Tartarus or in the Infinity Tower. Lords Road features team dungeons, boss battles, and a lot of other quests for you to explore. You can complete many of the quests alone or with the support of other players. Join a guild in order to meet other players and become a strong allegiance.

If you are interested in testing your skills against monsters and creatures, you should head over to the arena to fight for your life.

Lords Road is a fantasy roleplaying game for your browser. It is similar to other RPGs such as League of Angels or Magerealm. All you need in order to play the game is a working internet connection and an official game account.

Lords Road Screenshots

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