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Lords Online
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Lords Online Description

Explore the vast plains of the world of Mu, tucked deep in the depths of the ocean. Fight for the fate of this paradisiacal world and save it from the grips of the evil Beard tribe...


Lords Online is a strategic war-themed browser game set in the mysterious plains of Mu. Starting the game, you join one of three races in the fight against evil – the Humans, the Shaba and the Alec.

The Humans are assertive and intelligent, and employ clever robots to defend their land, in turn ensuring they are the most protected of all the races. The Shaba are a powerful race, and have an unmatched strength and stature, using melee combat to attack their opponents. The Alec are a spiritual race with a strong connection to nature, and use the force of magical spells to bring down their enemies.

Once you have selected your race in Lords Online, you then build up your very own hero character. Heroes can rise through up to 100 different levels as they gain experience in the game. Heroes are classified into eight different grades depending on their starting statistics. These statistics will display your hero’s strength, intellect and agility, as well as their Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack and Magic Defense.

Equip your hero in Lords Online with unique weaponry such as the dagger, two-handed sword and armor such as plate armor and chain armor as you prepare for combat. Use the power of magic to concoct powerful fire spells, earth spells, ice spells and air spells to attack your enemies.

Fight against terrifying monsters and enemy players and reap the rewards. Embark on exciting expeditions, wage war on neighbouring colonies and construct a large capital city for your empire. Lords Online has elements of real time strategy and role-playing, whilst testing your building and managerial skills as you reign as leader of your empire.

Form a strong and mighty alliance with other players and together claim victory over your opponents. Network with other players and add friends to your friend list. Lords Online is a fantasy world where survival is your motivation and death is your weapon.

by Kyle Hayth

Lords Online Screenshots

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