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Lords Mobile
What to expect:
  • Build Your Own Kingdom
  • Fight against Players from around the World
  • Head into Dungeons and Find Loot
  • Capture and Execute Defeated Leaders
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  • iOS
  • PvP
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Play Lords Mobile for Free on Your Mobile Device

Delve into a medieval fantasy world in which you battle it out against other players. Lords Mobile combines strategy and RPG elements.


Welcome to a fantasy world in which you get to build and maintain your very own kingdom! Lords Mobile is a free-to-play real time strategy game developed by the guys and girls over at IGG. In the mobile game, you will become the leader of a fantasy kingdom. Your goal is to expand it and become an honorable and respected general. In the beginning of the game, you choose which kingdom you want to join. Will it be the Roseneth Kingdom, the Fairmeth Kingdom, or the Loerad Kingdom? Once you’ve made your decision, you will get your very own turf. All things have to start somewhere, which is why your settlement will be rather small and insignificant in the beginning. It is up to you to change that!

Your turf is surrounded by various skirmishes. Defeat them in order to expand your territory to include those areas. Once they are yours, there are special building types that can be built there. Since you can’t become a successful leader without a certain amount of wealth and resources, your first goal will be to establish a working economy. Defeat the first skirmish and unlock the first expandable area, which will allow you to build mines, farms, and other buildings to collect resources.

Raw resources won’t get you very far in Lords Mobile. The next step in the RTS will be to unlock an area in which you can use these resources to produce goods that will advance your kingdom. In the next area, you can not only build a workshop, but also your embassy, battle hall, prison, and altar. These buildings allow you to manage your troops. Deploy allied troops, start or join rallies, imprison captured leaders, and get temporary boosts for executing captured leaders. It is a grim world in Lords Mobile, so you better make sure that you are on the winning side!

Luckily, there are various types of troops that you can choose to fight against skirmishes to unlock new areas. There are Grunts, Archers, Cataphracts, and Ballistas among many others that you can unlock as you progress. Naturally, they will also come in handy to fight against other players from all over the world.

Lords Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game that is available in the Google Play Store and on iTunes.

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