Lord of Ultima: Defend Your Kingdom Better with New Interface

01/17/2011 03:46 am in News

The online browser strategy game from Electronic Arts, Lord of Ultima, will be experiencing an update to the interface system in the near future. Defending your kingdom is tough work but with this new interface, you should be able to streamline your game play.
Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima

The new defense interface will be giving you the chance to keep a close eye on those defending your kingdom. This will be an addition to the "City Information" tab which gives you an overview of your troops, resources and other information in Lord of Ultima.

On top of the new pane will be a basic summary of all your city's defenses. Below that will be a more detailed description of your troop types and amounts, as well as those of your supports. Tower types and trap types that are currently employed by you as defense mechanisms.

By examining the tooltips for each asset, it will provide even more detailed information about the individual group. This adds a new dimension of usability to Lord of Ultima and allows you to more readily use your defenses. Though no set date is out yet, it should be expected to arrive in the near future.

Source: Game homepage
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