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Lord of Ages
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Lord of Ages Description

Every kingdom is locked in a struggle for supremacy over the land. You must claim glory for your empire and conquer those who would threaten your position as the most powerful kingdom in the world.


Lord of Ages is a free-to-play strategy browser game that takes place in medieval times. You are the ruler of a kingdom and you must take your small village and create an expansive empire by conquering enemies, researching technologies and building new structures.

Beginning with just a small village in Lord of Ages, you must begin building structures to create your kingdom. By building these structures, you will be able to recruit troops, research new technologies and strengthen your defenses.

There are several different units that you can recruit to amass your army in Lord of Ages. You must make sure that you have a good variation of troops at your command because your army must remain versatile.

Of course, you cannot build new structures or create an army without resources. Lord of Ages charges you with collecting resources from your surrounding area to support your growing empire. If you need to store extra resources, you can even build a warehouse to make sure that you always will have enough just in-case the worst happens.

As ruler of your empire in Lord of Ages, you will also have a hero at your disposal. This is an incredibly powerful unit that will lead your troops into battle. By conquering new areas, players and other enemies you may encounter, you will be able to raise the skill of your hero and make them more powerful than ever before.

Lord of Ages will take you to another place and another time and let you create the ultimate empire. Recruit troops, create buildings and upgrade a hero with the most powerful skills you can use to be the ruler of all the land.

by Kyle Hayth

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