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Loong Description

Reign the almighty power of the dragons, as you fight in a graphically stunning fantasy world. The online game takes you to new heights as a mighty and indomitable hero...


Loong is a fantastical asia-themed free client game set in a world of Kung-Fu, dragons and ancient wisdom. In MMORPG Loong you can create and customize your own hero character using a variety of different features. Select the hair color, hair style, face shape, clothing and name for your character. But think carefully: once you have chosen your character's name, you cannot change it again.

There are no character classes in Loong, and the emphasis lies predominantly on skills. As you progress through the different levels, your character will receive skills points, which you can distribute as you wish through the Skill Trees. There are active, passive and tactical skills which are collected and utilized in the client game.

In Loong you are able to explore a number of different cities and factions, each with their own unique structures. You are even able to teleport between cities simply by visiting the local post office. Use the crafting system in Loong to craft your own equipment, whilst earning experience points. There are ten various crafting skills that your character can obtain – use them to become the strongest and most equipped hero in all the land. In the client game you can train and keep a cute loyal pet or powerful mount to assist you on your adventures.

You also have the possibility of heading to the busy Dragon Market and purchasing valuable equipment, armory, clothing and more to help you in the game. There are over ten varying quest types available, each with differing degrees of difficulty and challenge. Complete the thrilling quests to earn precious rewards, and establish honor and glory.

The rich plains, fire-breathing dragons and thrilling combat of Loong make for an epic MMORPG.

by Kyle Hayth

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