Looney Tunes Dash: New Release Cartoon Endless Runner

12/18/2014 09:54 am by William Hankin in NewsActionEndless Runner

Looney Tunes Dash

Looney Tunes Dash

Those wacky Looney Tunes have been released and are now chasing their way around our mobiles and tablets. This fast-paced free-to-play game is full of all our favorite characters, including Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird.

What's surprising is that an endless runner game involving these characters is only just being released, seeing as the main story behind all of Warner Brother’s Looney Tunes is about one character chasing another. Take the Road Runner for example, always on the run from that evil, hungry coyote. It’s like the cartoon was designed with endless runner games in mind.
The aim of this game is similar to Temple Run 2, where we must escape being captured by one of the villains from the cartoon. As players work their way through the levels, a Looney Tunes story will unfold that involves all of main characters. Play as Tweety Bird and jump, slide, and dive around the obstacles in an attempt to escape that meddlesome cat, Sylvester. No character in the cartoon has ever been caught before, we had better not let it happen this time!
Stay tuned for more Looney Tunes Dash news!

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